In Plain Sight

Over the hedge

In plain view

What was stolen

Was witnessed by me

And you

No doubt cast

Over the shadow

Of memory

What happened in that

Moment in history

Will live forever

In infamy

Hotel Chains

Hotel chains

Where we go to sleep

Chain the hotels

When we go easy

Or we go late

Hotel chains

Are trying to make changes

With plastics and disposables

I know though

That the hotel chains are changing

The Dramatic Approval

Approval points

Heard from the televisions

Buzzing in the background


A lot of attention

Held up by politicians hopes

Of ascension

Not just one dimension

So a frantic dramatic approval

Is given

When all we need

Is for others to ask

To be forgiven

Capture Monster

The gram

The moment catcher

Significant time grabber

Holder of hopes

Dreams and

Desperate things

Cute dog commodities

Cats in cradles

Rocked like babies

Capture monster

Turning good people


Creating emotions

We never knew we had

Making young ones desperate

To outdo their friends

Or end up depressed

This capture monster

Roaming on the internet

What have we begun

And so much to regret

Take Me In

Take me in night

Into your bitter cold

Biting hold

In the eve of a light

Find me thirsting for tomorrow



Holding the reigns of time

That tomorrow brings

Flying eyes of the night

All on hand

And ready for tomorrow’s light