Drawing Entitlement

What am I drawn to

Hope for the future

Caring and nurture

I challenge my own words

My own notions

Undergo forgiveness

And simplicity

I have to abstain from

Drawing entitlements

Made in vain


Ready for Change

Ready for change

In time




Preparing the table

Setting it up

Sturdy and stable

We will move ahead

Into the blowing winds

Ticking Clocks in the Restaurant

Ticking clocks in the restaurant

Subtle feelings exposed

In the wee hours

Of the night and morning

The ticking clock

Stays on time

As the time flies by

Goodbye tonight

Goodbye sweet place

Sweet trace of all that is good

Is in that old restaurant

City Tears

I miss the city

The life

As I once knew

The flow of a city day

Pushing of the crowds

Always focused ahead

Never time to look back

The city life

Steel trains clang

On the railways

Of the G train

City life can be heard

Before anything is felt

Capitol Strain

The capitol strain


On an unexpected


Don’t reap what you can’t


Sage advice says

How the world looks


When the joker has

No more jokes

When the laughs go old

The capitol strain

Has its hold

The Lonely Ones

The lonely ones

Start early

And end late

They find a path


From paper machete

From the grounds of

Sacred hollow

The lonely ones

Have a tough

Pill to swallow

The lonely ones

Changing our world

In silence

Mean a Thing

The old fears

Dried up tears

Move up

Move out

All the changes happen

In specific time

And moments

We remove ourselves

To see the grand scheme

By it doesn’t mean a thing

When your heart is torn

What the Subconscious​ Knows

One more time

Second try

Perfect rhyme

Hold on to perfection

Or just let your instincts

Be your best regression

Hold on


Let go

Time to flow

And see what the subconscious knows