The Lonely Ones

The lonely ones

Start early

And end late

They find a path


From paper machete

From the grounds of

Sacred hollow

The lonely ones

Have a tough

Pill to swallow

The lonely ones

Changing our world

In silence


Mean a Thing

The old fears

Dried up tears

Move up

Move out

All the changes happen

In specific time

And moments

We remove ourselves

To see the grand scheme

By it doesn’t mean a thing

When your heart is torn

What the Subconscious​ Knows

One more time

Second try

Perfect rhyme

Hold on to perfection

Or just let your instincts

Be your best regression

Hold on


Let go

Time to flow

And see what the subconscious knows

The Laundromat – 5 Below

Was it worth leaving

As I watched the washing machine



It was only 25 minutes

A brisk walk at best

Then have to head right back


I’ll just stay

It’s only 5 degrees

Too cold for a walk


Which cycle now

Water sloshes from side to side

I’m glad I chose to rest

I’ve been pretty tired

Busy day at the laundromat

Sunday morning

I think it almost done

It would have had to have been a quick walk

But I am glad I stayed

Return Enter

Escape the fray

Sprawling traffic

On sun baked streets



With loaded garbage pales

On my mind

Outside the loop

Unsaid training stations

Headed west for

Western libations

Return enter

To the western end

Sip of coffee

LA blend

On the ocean beauty

Return to the feeling


Words Unknown

Turn down

Where we used to roam

Put down your hands

And hang up the phone

These streets

We used to call our own

But many days have passed

And now it seems distant


The places we used to go

Filled up with words