Absurd Transport

It was just a bus ride

Or was it


It ended in a wreck

A quick turn

Before the bus could yield

In the field of traffic

But it happened

So quick

A panic

Set in my bones

We were all together

But yet deftly alone

It happens in a split second

Not a moment wasted

As my life passed by me

And my eye were hastened on the

Emergency bar

Which broke my fall

In one moment

I could see them all

When Silver Linings Cut

When the hope

Cuts deeper than the passing of time

The in between haunting

That will float in our minds

I will bleach my eyes

Until the white is all that is left

So that when the hope comes back

I can wrap my bandages

And walk out into the open


Papers on the Window

Papers were taped to the window

The death of the old man

Had come with its effects

Throwing the local neighbors

In a whirlwind

But in a city

With thin walls

The calls to move on came

And heeded they were

And the world moved on

The old pizza spot

Was set to have a new dawn