Be Gone Bygone

Be gone

Bygone era

Let go

Of the past 

Open a new future

I want not vintage and old

I want to grow up 



Let go


The Lake Lays

The lake lays


While we sleep

Lapping waves

On the shores

Of the Indiana shores

With dunes and beaches

Summer will evaporate 

While the lake lies

Awaits a new summer

In a deep winter freeze 

Granite Stones


Underlining counters

With reflective site

Elbow cold

Down by my side

Granite stones

In suburban homes

This life we live

The truths we own

Lays on top

Of these granite stones 

Aches and Pains

Aches and pains

Strange held hands

In a cold rain

Under red skies

Under falling leaves

In a lake 

Not a sea

The aches and pains

Cities and lanes

Riding in the cars 

Remain the same

What in the World

The world

Is not ours

We deserve nothing

We have our lives

Our decisions

Some want it all

Packed in raw made


How the world falls

When the silly

Want it all

Build our lives

With broken chairs

Sit in as we dare

The whole world

Is at stake

Terrible times

To make a mistake

Take a Break

Walk away

Start anew

From Tuesday blues

To Wednesday new

Hold on to new days

No matter what anyone says

Hope is best in moderation

Don’t let go

When optimism is lost

It may not come back

Gone drifting into the black

Hold on to what is true

Hold this day 


Tuesday’s Unfortunate News

How you bring me

Such unbearable news

How the world weaves


Motion pictures

In my head

The news of the week

I can’t take

One more dead




How can we separate 

The fake

A mistake

The real 

From untrue

This unfortunate news

Just wears on me

Higher levels of uncertainty

Everyday now

Holding out

For good news