Take My Honor

Take my honor

For a few digits

Held up my own request

In trade for widgets

Not one public won

When all honor has been


Sueded Shoes

Sueded shoes

Under the fine pressed linen


Deals are made

Humanity is lost

What is to be gained

From these grained shoes

From a man neither conscious

Or with a clue

Express Religion

Religion in sound bite form

Looses something

From the depth

Of a northern light

To the quick selling



Not even good

Or alright

Express religion

In its cheapest form

Up Town

On the town

Their is a place

To go

When the world grows

Weary in your eyes

When the sun rises

Feelings anew

Coffee in New York City

Is the best place to remember

That life is a continuum

Of the new and old

When the world looks back

To say thanks

For all you have grown