Life’s too Short to Eat Fried Fish from Costco

Life is short

And simple

Food is too

But somehow I am confused

How is a piece of fish

From across the world

Cheaper than one

From a pond

Right where I stand

Fish sandwich in hand

Oh great food industrial revolution

Not cheap

Just confusing

I would rather eat grass from

The lawn


Or other

Where in the hell

Did we go wrong

The food pyramid

Has been payed out flat

Turned into an oval

Of a conveyor belt

To our stomachs

Can we shut it off

Can we return to our own homes

Where all the good things are grown


The Beautiful Unknown

The beautiful unknown

Full gripping undertow

Held spring up flow

We all have known

A few

And let go

Initial hopes resign

To solid


But a beautiful unknown

Is where we remember

We must love

To never be