The Streak is Over

The streak is over

The end

Happens to be

Exactly where we began

On the same path

The same journey





What Awaits

What awaits the tide

When the sea falls out

What will be left

We will find now

As the water recedes


Into the sea

Focus on An End

Where to start

And where to end

What is the beginning

And where is there no more

The only way to know

Is to go

Where not many

Have gone before

Start over

And again

Where you will be lead to

Just don’t focus on the end

He Knows

“In a good, safe community”

The words spoken

I am not sure

I have ever experienced a community

Better than another

A bad place

For my sisters and brothers

There are some bad actors

But surely not a whole

That can be spoken of

With such broad strokes

Of blunder and error

But this is the high seat

Looking down on us

Telling us

What I think is sad

That somehow one man knows

Who is good

And who is bad