The Eternal Mindset

The Eternal Mindset

The Eternal Mindset

Sounds so beautiful

At the onset

Something I wish to achieve

Not keep tucked beneath my sleeve

A focus for today

With a passion for tomorrow

That is how this mindset will grow

Content is not part of the equation

Through careful and meticulous contemplation

Changing to adapt and create

New opportunities for one to grow

Not asking why or when

But looking for the opportunity

To grasp with both hands

So late you can remember when

Knowing that change is inevitable

Creatable and attainable

I will not be the same me today

That I will become tomorrow

I must push the sludge of life

Into a moldable shape and size

Until it forms a vast creation of hand

This is how my life has to be planned

Not just saying that life is ok

That all will be alright

Rather to stand up to the wrongs

Gather your courage and fight



For the Eternal Mindset will not stop

Continuing flowing from the river it must

Flow to some great ocean

Some greater cause

To make the world a better place

Stand silent on the stage

Awaiting the applause

I hope to wake every morning and heed this call

For every day is an opportunity

To become more me

To achieve new highs

To forget old lows

So that one day I can reflect and see that I have grown

From amateur to pro

This mindset will push me beyond contentment

To a place where I can only give my all

Until I fall exhausted from commitment and strain

This is where my mind is laid

Seeking an Eternal Mindset

To make the world better

To reach out to new faces

Recall the old

So that when it is over a good story can be told

This challenge starts now

I shall do all that I can

This is my Eternal Vow


Sandy Blue Pastels

The baby pastel blues

Off the shores of Lake Michigan

Fall crashing coldly

Onto sandy homes

Roaring from the weather

The wind and the snow

Waking me in the morning

Through the pines

Between ice tipped shrubs

Beating on the glass outside my window

Awakened to light brighter

Song lighter

Of the winter birds

The lake reveals a storm overhead

Three feet of snow headed to Michigan

I protect my warmth in the morning

As the heat evades my winter skin

To a cold Michigan morning

Under a snow and ice so thin

Pine needles crackle

Tied together loose with water and cold

Under each foot gives way

To an earth frozen

But only days ago

It was an early rip of storms for this time of year

Creating a palpable uncertainty in the air

Cars wheels fell ungraspable to pavement frozen

Sliding from one side to the other

It was a frigid morning in Michigan

Truly I was not prepared

For winters cold hand

Had laid its awakening on falls back

And now into winter we are fashioned

With waves crashing

Small drops splashing

Higher than the rock walls

Where the drips fall

Creation of some new frozen ice

To tell the story of this transition

Truly is a testament to my position

Tucked in the woods

Staying warm for now

Under the winter sun in Michigan

Musical Supply and Demand

Its very easy to see what is going on

The music world has a case of gluttony

Supply and demand

Has crippled every last musicians hand

No more venues to play

There is a new price in town

A way called pay to play

It’s no longer about music friends

I must know at least 100+ musicians

Me being included in the big mix

A mix of everyone

Fighting everyone

Pushing anyone

Lower and lower

Until we have reached a new low

Below the impossible line of zero

Now we must pay

Out of our own dusty pockets

To create music for people to enjoy

How did this folly become the one

That I rely on as a means to be employed

But the venues enjoy the high chair

Bib wrapped around their necks

With a golden spoon in their mouth

Fuck what music used to be about

Its about the bottom line now

And it seems if you commit to this profession

You are bound to lose

Bound by something you did not choose

So I ask every musician do not play for free

Do not pay or even a shitty guarantee

Because if one falls for the silly trick

The rest of us will be doomed by silliness

In a world that has the x graph pushing us down

Rather than go lower push back and don’t give ground

We have to be an alliance

Of strong resolve

In a desperate attempt

This deficit we can solve

The challenge of the modern musician is ever daunting

Full of empty bars and feedback so haunting

We only have each other in the end

So stick it to the man asking you to pay

And this is what you say

I am a musician of hard work and dedication

Your cheap bar provides my weary eyes no medication

For what music creates there is no other sensation

So throughout all the nation

We will not play for free

This is just the way it must be

Temporary Community

Pulled off on the side of the road for bad weather

Said there might be a tornado round the bend

Closed and locked the car and headed in for shelter

The smell of cooked meat and raw potatoes

Clung to my skin as I rushed in with the fresh air

I sat and watched the storm unfold 15 miles away

Ripping the trees from the dampened fall ground

I turn around to see others standing around

Concerned for the storm that is now heading our way

In a gentle manner I tried to keep everyone calm

I have no idea what I was trying to say

But everyone seemed happy to be going along

As the wind and rain ripped into the building sides

We could no longer see our cars parked just outside

A young girl sat alone on her phone

Shaking and afraid to be out here all on her own

I tried to remind her that she would be just fine

Got to be tough stuck in a burger joint contemplating life


A wife sat with her husband holding onto her kids

Hoping that the storm would miss us

Another woman on her way to Chicago

Wondering once the storm rolled in which way she should go

I tried to keep everyone’s hopes up a simple gesture

Here I was hoping just to make things a little bit easier

Not quite sure if I helped I could see the storm caused the fear in her

Inside that building business went on as usual

Burgers being flopped from one side to the next

I had no real care for what was going on

Just watching what the storm did next

We all made this our temporary stop

Out of the blasting rain and bustling wind

One of the workers made it over to make sure that we were all alright

Holding our heads and cell phones so very tight

The wind ripped the rain poured

As soon as I turned around I felt like

There was a storm no more

Two tornadoes

One to the north

One to the west

Not our day to fight it out

But it was one hell of a test

As the rain cleared and the sun made its meager reappearance

With the dim lit assurance we could make out way on

Walking out to our cars we said our simple goodbyes

A small community was formed in that joint

Connected we were in a concern for the future

But as that future became our past we made out way out into the evening

Waved our goodbyes

And back to our paths in life we then proceeded




Indiana Winds

The old tree fell in the backyard
All 53 feet laying on the ground
Roots frayed and full
Indiana winds took their toll this time
Whistling over the lightly frosted fields
Stripping trees of the lady autumn winds
Snapping power cables like brittle candy
Cutting off the neighbors from the rest of the world
Rolling gravel and bending stop signs
No remorse the wind blows stronger and stronger
Shutting off the evening lifts with every single burst
Hitting my face as powerful as a cement filled hurse
The system winds through Indiana and in to Ohio
Leaving ravaged fields behind in this autumn blast
Concerted force on trees and forests
Pushing them over and moving on
A winter preview is now laying on the lawn

Time to Reflect

Time to reflect

On decisions

That have been made

Others postponed

And delayed

Where I stand today

May not affect tomorrow

So how do I quite know

If this is where I should


So many questions

Yielding very few answers

The scenery does not change

If I just choose to

Stand here

The past 3 years

Decisions were not bad

But if I could go back

What would I instruct

That poor young lad

I might say

Act with confidence

And cause

What you do not gain

Is not quite a loss

Move quick

And stay nimble

The world will not wait

for your heart delayed

its that simple

Fear holds you

Hostage at blank point

But behind the gun

Is no ammo

It holds you

Until you let go

Youth is fleeting

Do not become to attached

From your young wirey hands

This gift will be quickly snatched

But do not lose hope

There is no reason

What you lose one year

You will find stronger

In another season

Patience is key

But do not get complacent

Words striking and true

But you truly have to face them

In the end

Know your goal

Or destination

There is no minute hand

When the clock is wasting

Finally push back

Word hard

And stay committed

When it is all over

You will be glad you did it

I hope that in another few years

I can read this back

And have new wisdom

To share

But for now

I hope to own these truths

So that I may push on

A time to reflect

Is a time for my heart

To be reset

City Sounds

Chains crash bursting bones beating drums in my ears
Beating with a rhythm brash and clear
Treble collides with effect onto cold reiterations
Horns smack vibrant and violent against city walls
Shouts echo fearless and homeless abound
Asking for any spare change
Or spare parts
Through train windows I see executives
Bustle busy and focused
In trendy parlors filling skyscrapers
Taxis calling out to weary customers urgently making their way home
City lights blare focusing on distracted patrons
Stopping them in cold seclusion
Wind wraps round faces and Elvis bringing chills down weathered bellies
Stares generate muscles forcing bystanders to move over
Pushed over by commercials running constantly in city calamity
Urine run off under busy tunnels shuffling people throughout the city so
Waiting tunnels push wind roaring around corners with trains convexing through dingy scab filled walks
I realize my mind wanders through the overflowing cupboard of experience
Pushing me out into the world
Thickening my skin like train under bellies full of soot and grim
This weather has tested my soul pushing me further to my destination
There is no where in this nation
That can test your tender mind and soul
Like the true city of Chicago

Portal to the Pacific

A rainy night in Seattle
What can I say
That had not been said
All the cliches
And dead
But my eyes rest easy on this
Portal to the pacific
Sea swept
And beautifully terrific
Stores on the bay
Tucked in shanties
To hear what the sailors say
The luminous sunset over the water
Among the mountains
And just a bit farther
Connected to the land
The people live out their days
On a beautiful inlet in the Pacific Northwest
Where brick streets are the standard
And rain drizzle
Upon the cement sizzles
In Seattle we walk the streets
Keeping ourselves dry to keep
On a beautiful city just off the sea

Cigarettes, Dry Grass, and Rubber

Smell the Open Road

Gas tanks filled with spring water

After an evening rain

Burnt oil

Mixed with crisp dry grass

Exhaust, rubber, and leaves

Animal carcasses and skunks

A breeze off the mountain

The clatter of a loose strut

The smell of day old coffee

Cigarettes burnt and discarded

This is what the open road


The smell of the iron factories

On the southern belt of lake Michigan

Bellowing smoke into the pale virgin air

Blowing through vents

Uninvited and black

The water air carries it slowly into the sky

As tires burn

Coal burns

Into the morning sky

To the mountains north of New York

The cities production

To leave the consumer with a knife and fork

These days on the road

Go long and slow

The smell of semi barreling down the road

Reminds me of black soot wrapped in burnt grass

With a wind swept freshness

This is the open road

And what it means to me