Inconvenient Actions

Inconvenient actions

Created by unstable minds

Lost my own time

Caught up in the winds

Created from ones whims

I get lost in anger and regret

Why is it that I should have to be set
On these feelings when I have stay quiet

My lips fall silent while my mind riots

I flow like water

Not held back by anything

Rolling and flowing

Taking life to the next scene


Christmas Morning Commute

Cold air on sheltered skin

Slow sunrise and morning skies


Baking goods

Flour and eggs

Bells singing

House creaking

The more I grow

I realize

As we get comfortable

The world gets ready

For change


The Eternal Mindset

The Eternal Mindset

The Eternal Mindset

Sounds so beautiful

At the onset

Something I wish to achieve

Not keep tucked beneath my sleeve

A focus for today

With a passion for tomorrow

That is how this mindset will grow

Content is not part of the equation

Through careful and meticulous contemplation

Changing to adapt and create

New opportunities for one to grow

Not asking why or when

But looking for the opportunity

To grasp with both hands

So late you can remember when

Knowing that change is inevitable

Creatable and attainable

I will not be the same me today

That I will become tomorrow

I must push the sludge of life

Into a moldable shape and size

Until it forms a vast creation of hand

This is how my life has to be planned

Not just saying that life is ok

That all will be alright

Rather to stand up to the wrongs

Gather your courage and fight



For the Eternal Mindset will not stop

Continuing flowing from the river it must

Flow to some great ocean

Some greater cause

To make the world a better place

Stand silent on the stage

Awaiting the applause

I hope to wake every morning and heed this call

For every day is an opportunity

To become more me

To achieve new highs

To forget old lows

So that one day I can reflect and see that I have grown

From amateur to pro

This mindset will push me beyond contentment

To a place where I can only give my all

Until I fall exhausted from commitment and strain

This is where my mind is laid

Seeking an Eternal Mindset

To make the world better

To reach out to new faces

Recall the old

So that when it is over a good story can be told

This challenge starts now

I shall do all that I can

This is my Eternal Vow

Latched Upon Sunlight

Some days are just short writings. Time seems to fly by and I can not grab enough of it to sit down and do my daily writings. This week I am trying to get 2 writings done per day as next week I will be on the road the entire time. So here is a shot little piece – it is starting to warm up in the Midwest – finally. Enjoy.

Winter wears thin

Latched upon sunlight

A little more feels alright

Wait for more to come

The Flat Screen Pulpit

I was mischievously distracted by how the news channel always seems to throw in slanted information into the news. This night I had been thrown off guard by some real information and then remembered the source and was amazed at how well they mix real news with propaganda as to catch and hold the viewer. In addition to making people believe what they say is true – both propaganda and news. But these people have the gift of gab and they use it to their advantage creating truly no overall good unfortunately, but why should they care. Here is a poem about it. Cheers!

Delicately selecting to preach by mouth rather than feet

Sitting on a box on the wooden table

The flat screen pulpit drawing people in with images

To be seen

No significant or deliberate meaning to the words spoken

Crazy fool must be joking

Speaking cotton falling from the mechanic moving mouth

For the masses to walk on

Treading hard on a wiry path

Writhing through city streets and dense forests

The breathe he laments into the open air

Casting spells on the trances eyes



To see every move

Every word

Spreading fowl spirits

Reckless on the delicate evening mess

If only he would silence his accusations

Resume to the news and useful practical information

That can inform rather than entertain

A challenge he may not maintain

Clocks and Lamps

This is a poem reflecting on life through the collection and the ultimate giving of possessions. I was inspired by a conversation I had with my uncle, who is a very devout priest, about how the things that he had collected simply become garbage if the family does not want it. Maybe he came to this by seeing all the people come and go in his life – and the disposal of their belongings. It really reminded me of how life is truly simple at the core to give back and not be controlled by what you own. A simple idea and a poem to go with it. Cheers.

A holy man has spent his years praying


Walking through narrow wooden halls

Lit with dim lamps

When night would fall

Sitting silent on a quiet lake

He would speak so softly

As to not make a mistake

Years passed

His health began to wane

One could never tell

He never spoke much of pain

His years of prayer and solitude

Subtle vintage soul

Quiet demeanor and gentle attitude

“Is there any worth to this”

He asked me

Once we pass

Is there any meaning left

The colored lamp, wooden clock

Passed from hands to hands

Through generations tenderly walk

Falling down the mountain

Back to life
Formed from reincarnation

The giving fountain

Eyes passing



Take what is left

When the date has passed

When the soul departs

Small trinkets left

I learned much from his quiet soul

His tepid walk

Gentle flow

Upon others shoulders

Leave what you collect
From the field

There is no reason to save

Gands these items we collect down

It becomes a pile of forgotten

The trash man will collect it and move on

Drive away in the early dawn

Clocks and lamps

Collect new meanings

When new eyes see

A new branch is born

Upon the tree

Shit My World is on Fire


Here is a song that I wrote about how sometimes you let things go just a bit too long in your life before you decide that something has to be done. In a similar fashion as to that one time I was in college and left the pizza in the oven and forgot about it. I take a light hearted look at what an angel could do in that moment also – how it would really help because when shit hits the roof – you could definitely use some help in getting life back in order. So this is called “Shit My World is on Fire”. Enjoy!

Shit My World is on Fire

Well I’ve been thinking

About all this time up here

I’ve been wasting

The thing I do and say

Well I am no Angel

But if you see on please

Send her my way

She can save me from all of the trouble

I’ve been making

It would be so much fun

I’m just sayin’

Whoa oh oh

I look around and


My world is on fire

Who oh oh

I can make it out

But only with an angel

Whoa oh oh

Look around and see

She can only take me higher

Whoa oh oh

Drink in that sun

My world is on fire!

That got me thinking

When God made this world

She was kinda funny

Now I am just running around now

Making Monday

But there ain’t no way

It ain’t that easy

Just take me and break me destroy me and build me up later

Take a quick minute and pass me

Your lifesaver!

Whoa oh oh

I look around and


My world is on fire

Who oh oh

I can make it out

But only with an angel

Whoa oh oh

Look around and see

She can only take me higher

Whoa oh oh

Drink in that sun

My world is on fire!

Whoa oh oh

I look around and


My world is on fire

Who oh oh

I can make it out

But only with an angel

Whoa oh oh

Look around and see

She can only take me higher

Whoa oh oh

Drink in that sun

My world is on fire!

Oh my world is on Fire



Oh my world is on



My world is on fire


I hope to have more videos and songs up with descriptions soon so stay tuned. I am casually working on a possible full length album as my first commitment is The Bergamot. A Pop/Rock duo and we play with a full 6 piece band so we can have killer dance parties. Check us out and listen to our entire catalog of work at! Cheers!

A Friends Place

This was written about a recent stay that we, my fiance and myself, made out to LA to see one of my best friends from high school. In addition to being an extremely selfless and giving host – his place was so beautiful and relaxing. It was an amazing escape for what is a crazy city of LA. We had such a peaceful and relaxing time hanging with friends and just kicking it by his indoor fire. It was truly a great experience – I hope this can take you there for just a moment. Enjoy!

A friends place

Can be as warm

And comforting

As the human embrace

With a makeshift bed

A simple place to sleep

All is well

When your livin’ cheap

But with every moment

Passing through these eyes

The sun in the morning

The evening skies

I notice the faces

Smiling all around

A humble abode

In this huge town

Shared towels

And washing machines

Life is so sweet

In these passing scenes

We get in late

Hitch a ride

Made it to LA

And it is about time

Crisp air

And summers familiar

I would take anything like this

Or anything similar

The morning we go for food

Meet some friends

Call some more

To meet at days end

Faces familiar

From a time ago

But we are still connected

Wherever we go

We enjoy a fire

Snapping soft and sweet

It makes for an easy

Evening treat

Life is simple

When sharing sustains

Can even take away

Some of life’s pains

Thank you can not match

It just falls short

You can’t just say

You’ve been a good sport

The city scene

Has been nice to me

A friend to host

With all sincerity

We made our way back home now

Hope to be back through

But for now

The only thing we have to say

Is thank you