Wishing for Paris

I miss the French way of life

Living simple

Pinch of salt

Fresh morning air

And just right

We made our way through

The streets of Paris

On foot we passed

The Louvre

To coffee shops

and small bakery

Learning of French culture

Talking to the people

Sharing in a laugh

Maybe a smoke

Nothing moved to fast

Not quite to slow

We made friends wherever we would go

On the train

We learned about history


And coffee

Shared meals so splendid and simple

On rivers bustling and broad

I miss France


Is on my mind

The bread was fresh

The pastries delicate

And new

This was new to me

I had never loved these foods

As I did then

And do now


This is an ode to one strange night in Paris. A place that will go unnamed. It was a dinner setting – with all the markings of a great club. Lights low, waitress attentive and helpful, but the singer was a bit strange. She took the stage Vegas style in this little French club and everyone began to wonder what was going on. She was pure entertainment that is for sure. But I am not quite sure what for. So here it is a poem to an akward night in Paris. Cheers!

It was akward

awuk ward

The way she sang

Staring right at the crowd

No one had the heart to say

It was too freaking loud

Enjoy a beverage and relax

She turns her music up

Through the stacks

Of speakers to her right and left

The tone she sang with

Had my ears screaming theft

But what a soul she had

With so much power and command

Her volume fluctuated

No one had more passion than


She grabbed the mic

In confident fashion

Lights turned low in the Paris club

She came bursting through

The loud speakers above

The club dripped with fashion

Attention to detail

This karaoke

Sent the place


Off ended

Crashing crusading

Singing shaking

It was all but over when I had to leave

It was entertainment

She had the right awa

That I can’t beseech


Or anyone else

On this night in Paris

Just off the boulevard

Sunday Morning Light

Been on the road for a couple of days and wiped out. Here is a poem about what I enjoy the most about having a relaxing day at home to regroup. We will start our European preparations tomorrow. I am excited to see how these upcoming experiences will affect my writing and perspective. Cheers to relaxation – hope you had a nice day!

Sunday morning light

Moves soft through gleaming windows

Crisp with spring air

Revolving summer

Into the minds of the people

I can still hear the birds calling


I listen

Calling on a brisk morning

Asking for a summer born again

Dogs sun bath and grab energy from the heat

Sun shining

As it has not done much this year

On a world needing light and warmth

Grass warming into greens and browns

From grey and yellow

Life restored into lifeless fields

Stretching miles and miles

Foreheads colored again with sunrays

People walking and taking their time

Living up a warm spring day

With nothing on their mind

For when the sun shines

It is a sign

Through the glossy windows

On a Sunday morning

A Friends Place

This was written about a recent stay that we, my fiance and myself, made out to LA to see one of my best friends from high school. In addition to being an extremely selfless and giving host – his place was so beautiful and relaxing. It was an amazing escape for what is a crazy city of LA. We had such a peaceful and relaxing time hanging with friends and just kicking it by his indoor fire. It was truly a great experience – I hope this can take you there for just a moment. Enjoy!

A friends place

Can be as warm

And comforting

As the human embrace

With a makeshift bed

A simple place to sleep

All is well

When your livin’ cheap

But with every moment

Passing through these eyes

The sun in the morning

The evening skies

I notice the faces

Smiling all around

A humble abode

In this huge town

Shared towels

And washing machines

Life is so sweet

In these passing scenes

We get in late

Hitch a ride

Made it to LA

And it is about time

Crisp air

And summers familiar

I would take anything like this

Or anything similar

The morning we go for food

Meet some friends

Call some more

To meet at days end

Faces familiar

From a time ago

But we are still connected

Wherever we go

We enjoy a fire

Snapping soft and sweet

It makes for an easy

Evening treat

Life is simple

When sharing sustains

Can even take away

Some of life’s pains

Thank you can not match

It just falls short

You can’t just say

You’ve been a good sport

The city scene

Has been nice to me

A friend to host

With all sincerity

We made our way back home now

Hope to be back through

But for now

The only thing we have to say

Is thank you