It Might Rain

Bring the lawsuits

Pack the bags

Going to be a drag

Drama right on CSPAN

My thoughts don’t meander

They got up and ran

Maybe a calendar would be more encouraging

Let’s unfasten the winter

Unfasten the summer

Pack it up quick and move on

It’s going to start raining

I am Me

I am Me

No overachieving

No letting down

It’s as simple

To just be

I must be honest

Let go

Pick up

In the end

It is me I must answer to

Days when I am up

Days when I am down

There is no one else

Who can see

No one else around

As I must answer to myself

So must you

You are you

And that is enough

To get you through

The tough times


The good

Makes you smile

Makes life

The way it should

But I remember this saying

When I am tired and worn

Because it is me pushing on

Pen to paper

A new song

The higher power always calls

To become what we are

This equation has no

Beginning no end

I am Me

And I am content

Farewell and Hello

The day is coming

Finally is here

The barn is ready

The placemats set

Church is waiting

A place to reflect

To set out on a new life

Sail a new ocean

To bid farwell to me

As I once new it

And greet the new

With Hello

I cannot longer hold my past

As it to constrict time

And my future

I go forward brave

Rejuvenated to make life


To work for a new purpose

To shed fear and doubt

To go certainly on a new route

I spend my last days as a bachelor

Reflecting on what I have done

In a short few days

My total will be greater

Than just one

So I sit here peaceful


And quiet

Letting inspiration run

From inception in my brain

To my heart

Through my veins

 Down my arms

 And out of my fingers

I write

Of how life is going to be different

For better and for worse

Sickness and health

But I am ready for this great challenge

To take up the old me

And move to greater heights

Where I can see new potential


Going somewhere I do not know

Into the future I will walk

With my feet touching gently

On the ground below

Sunday Morning Light

Been on the road for a couple of days and wiped out. Here is a poem about what I enjoy the most about having a relaxing day at home to regroup. We will start our European preparations tomorrow. I am excited to see how these upcoming experiences will affect my writing and perspective. Cheers to relaxation – hope you had a nice day!

Sunday morning light

Moves soft through gleaming windows

Crisp with spring air

Revolving summer

Into the minds of the people

I can still hear the birds calling


I listen

Calling on a brisk morning

Asking for a summer born again

Dogs sun bath and grab energy from the heat

Sun shining

As it has not done much this year

On a world needing light and warmth

Grass warming into greens and browns

From grey and yellow

Life restored into lifeless fields

Stretching miles and miles

Foreheads colored again with sunrays

People walking and taking their time

Living up a warm spring day

With nothing on their mind

For when the sun shines

It is a sign

Through the glossy windows

On a Sunday morning