March with The Light

Don’t be bewildered by words

Harmonies written in thirds

Set your sights on goals to be achieved

Look not for the setting sun

In the east

Fearful souls will not set other free

While being held in silent captivity

If there is hope in the future

Then we must learn from the past

Return not to ancestry for fear

Don’t obey the written rules

When truth must be verified and renewed

March in the light

And hope for the future

To bring about change

Just a little bit sooner

Let the Truth Fly

Bring the full court press

Winds blowing through the midwest

Seems we are all now put to the test

False claims


Flying past the birds in the sky

Set flight through pure emotions

Let the truth be the only light

Set us free

From the lurking ambiguity

That shackles us to judgement and ignorance

The truth will come out

Come clean

It’s a voice

Heard but not seen

We will soon be free

It Might Rain

Bring the lawsuits

Pack the bags

Going to be a drag

Drama right on CSPAN

My thoughts don’t meander

They got up and ran

Maybe a calendar would be more encouraging

Let’s unfasten the winter

Unfasten the summer

Pack it up quick and move on

It’s going to start raining

Down to My Hands

Yearn for understanding

Learn from mistakes

Don’t be afraid of failure

This land comes with the breaks

Take a chance on hope

Uplifting interaction

My destination unknown

Strategy unclear

I will rely on what I know

Keep a good eye on what will become clear

From the veins running in my heart

Down to my hand

As a small child I was filled with hope

And still am today


I must move on into positive space

Remembering the words of a Poet great

The more you give

The more you create

It is not a well to be pulled dry

But reincarnated everyday


The Relativity of Luck

Guts and glory
Unlikely story
Small town roots
Strapped up big town boots
Through determination
One finds success
In this great nation
Hard work means nothing
It is expected
Luck is where
Preparation and opportunity
So no whining about conditions
Is a state of mind
Than definitive
Hoping and wishing is bullshit
Work it till your hands bleed
And you’ll be a hit
Small town values
Work through adverse conditions
The ethics you learn
The routine you practice
Will outrun any superstition

Lie Our Trust in Hope

Runs strange
My world slowly rearranged
With challenge
Comes success
And lack thereof
We lie our trust in hope
Hoping all will go well
While there is no slowing
I arise early to heed the call
But some times there is no call at all
That is the problem facing my future
Facing what is there
And what is gone
What I have done
Talking in action
I must now react
It is as simple as that

Life in Advance

Can we see the desire of a man
Through the filter of our own eyes
If we can
Than we should offer hope
That life is never simple
Or perfect
We must offer our best
To try and see
Through less filtered lenses
Dispensing love for no gain
Again and again
This is the ultimate challenge for us
To not judge at first glance
But at every chance
Give love
To all those in need
Pay it forward
Live life in advance