The Last Minutes of 27

Upon the last minutes of 27
Sitting in New York City
A place of new wonder
And old world pragmatism
I think of life
It can be a rough year for a musician
Difficult to make it through
But I awake one more day
To find 28 upon my life will lay
I hope for good fortunes in this year
As I am in the evening of my twenties
Watching the sun set
On a decade of life
Under the umbrella
Enjoying the view
I grow
I continue to find
And discover
That which I did not know
Upon the last minutes of twenty seven
I am but a passenger in the train of life
Collecting these experiences as the train rolls by
I am happy to be able to have a part in earth
To have a reason
A desire
To approach the world with a renewed perspective
On this final moment
I sit and contemplate
What the new morning will bring
When I turn 28

Lie Our Trust in Hope

Runs strange
My world slowly rearranged
With challenge
Comes success
And lack thereof
We lie our trust in hope
Hoping all will go well
While there is no slowing
I arise early to heed the call
But some times there is no call at all
That is the problem facing my future
Facing what is there
And what is gone
What I have done
Talking in action
I must now react
It is as simple as that