Wound up to tight

Takes place

At the worst moment

At the worst sight

But when the time comes

To bring it back

The ropes have to be unwound

So that they don’t snap

So it starts with a twist

In the opposite direction

From the current tension

So that the line

Can start to relax



Upon Arrival

You will hear

Upon arrival

The words once heard

To be the only way

Of survival

Cordial and quaint

Ideally a world

We can see as we paint

The words that we now know

As we grow

The more we achieve

Set out to see

The world around us

And all it is to be

Revolutionary Conclusion

A revolutionary conclusion

Starts with a massive intrusion

Into the normal ways of thinking

Going about

Normally won’t be the change

That this idea has made

It will come at the worst moment

Or the best in reflection

What comes from a new way of thinking

Is always the best