Farewell and Hello

The day is coming

Finally is here

The barn is ready

The placemats set

Church is waiting

A place to reflect

To set out on a new life

Sail a new ocean

To bid farwell to me

As I once new it

And greet the new

With Hello

I cannot longer hold my past

As it to constrict time

And my future

I go forward brave

Rejuvenated to make life


To work for a new purpose

To shed fear and doubt

To go certainly on a new route

I spend my last days as a bachelor

Reflecting on what I have done

In a short few days

My total will be greater

Than just one

So I sit here peaceful


And quiet

Letting inspiration run

From inception in my brain

To my heart

Through my veins

 Down my arms

 And out of my fingers

I write

Of how life is going to be different

For better and for worse

Sickness and health

But I am ready for this great challenge

To take up the old me

And move to greater heights

Where I can see new potential


Going somewhere I do not know

Into the future I will walk

With my feet touching gently

On the ground below


Spent my Last 5 Bucks

Spent my last five bucks

Not quite sure how I am going to get back

Evening lunch and quite pack

I am thinking of you

That is what helps me get through

The rough times that we have faced

Here and there

Not everyday is like today

But on someday’s I am left

With little to no change

Spent my last five bucks

Times have gotten to be hard

River drying up

The spool has no more yarn

I cannot help but wonder

How we can make it through

Change in my hand

In my jean pocket

Of faded blue

Spent my last five bucks

Paychecks distance themselves

Somewhere in Michigan

Off of the old state road

North of the line

Making my way back home

I get back in the car and breathe

Some music will help the fear ease

On a summer day in late August

This is what I see

Spent my last five bucks

Grabbing some gas and food

You will make it all alright

I will be back home soon

The Municipal Gym

Get the coffee on
It’s 5 am
People stagger in on a Monday
Ready to stretch and begin again
Bob is 80 staying strong
The cop benches to keep the bad boys back
Jim is on steroids just looking to get big
While the lady at the desk checks us all in
Rosa is working hard to tone her legs
While Richard is there to chat
The morning due rolls back
While Jim makes sure to keep his back flat
Sam is on the bike getting ready for the next triathlon
While the ex con is working the weights all day long
Me I am just waking up
Weary eyes and strained
Looking at all the faces that look the same
This is a morning in the municipal gym
In south bend
All in all we are just working to stay thin
On a brisk Monday morning in August p

Uncertainty Reigns

Not much on plans
Wish I knew more
About the future
But no such certainty exists
I just hope to survive
Make it through the next week alive
No complaints from me
This is my life to be
I own it and know it well
It makes it no easier
I get asked all the same questions
With all the lack of answers
Some nights are better than others
Some are rough and long
Try to do my best in song
And poetry keep me sane
Challenging the mind and the brain
I hope to create
Rather than destroy
That is the goal
In the end to give back
Rather than take away
And for a late Friday night
That is all I have to say

Another Day

Another day

Another poem

Today I wonder what has held me back in life

The fear of something that does not exist

The fear of falling somewhere I can not

I can no longer have these fears control my heart

I must control me

That is truly what must be

For me to grow and develop

Into what can be

What should be

Rather than what can not

I must forget the past

Create a new future

Not controlled by fears or constraints

For what I believed became my reality

This real world defined me

It is time for a sea change

The salty breeze on the shoulder of the new me

This is where I will now live

Free from fear and darkness

Full of life and adventure

That is the real me

Early Morning Recital

Early morning practiced
With weary eyes
Touching keys and strings
Pulling myself together
To remember these things
Everyday is a challenge
Begging for more focus
To read the notes on the staff
Making new notes memory
Memory becomes music
And muscles play there part too
The mind weakens with coffee and time
Moving slow but gaining speed
This is the recital I need
To play for my ears and eyes
This is the musician life



I crave silence

Reflective intuitive creative silence

No radio





Time to decide

Time to listen to the silent guide

The pushing force

The calling from the inward soul

In the sky I look up

Nothing but the sound of a gas-powered engine

And the other cars around

It is not complete but quiet enough

The sound of the turning wheel

Pulling my thoughts apart

As husks on a corn peal

Looking for what might be underneath quick passing

What is the drive in me

What is the reason

I need silence to think

Think through decisions about the future

Decisions about the now

Am I doing alright

This will surely get me through tonight

I search for this answers this evening

Not on crowded streets or in a home

But in a car on a cool summer evening

With pure silence

The sound of air pushing through the ear canal

Creates a slow growing buzz

I may not know the answers

But I am searching for the cause

Upon reaching my destination the silence discontinues

Returning to the normal process of clicks and tones

All the things that fill up the normal home

But for one moment I could feel

My heart and soul in one great alliance

In that pure and simple moment

Of Silence

Speck of White

A speck of white

Upon a summers evening

Faded light

Rejuvenated and renewed

From all that has been imbued

Rest has created eyes awake and wondering

Speck of Yellow

Falls through dusty windows upright

Suns glistening final rite

A palette covered with yellowish sweet

Continuum of summer heat

A speck of Green

On Summers lawn

Dew in the morning

After a crisp dawn

A speck of Blue

On a skycap so true

Gravity holding us down on this world

Keeping us protected from weightlessness

The true story of me and you

Told through the colors

Wheeled through life and illuminating our sky

We take moments out and away

Cry and laugh

Rejuvenated and happy

This is created through color invigoration

The sensation of happiness and vigor

Rolls through


Me and you


On the Course

Falling asleep on my lap
On the course
A nap is needed for strength
I run my fingers through he hair
The rain falls splashing soft on cracked pavement
Skies loom large and fly
Clouds passing in summers haste
Laid in bed for an hour wide awake
Continuum of emotion and freedom
Taken with hope and reason
The rain falls soft on my legs and arm
Winds bring cold air
And afternoon charm
All I could ask for lays in my hands
Caressing hair soft brown and sweet
Under the shade of a Michigan pine
Is one of life’s great treats
Complete with feeling of love and understanding
Taking a break from a brisk walk
Relax and sleep while we talk
A Wednesday filled with summers course
I love her as she sleeps just a bit more