No More Aspirin

No more aspirin

To heal all the aches

The heart has had enough

Of what it can take

So find another remedy

Rather than a simple pill

Find something cheaper

With half the bill


Red Flag Jed

Red flag Jed

Always had it wrong

Never knew what was up

Or how to just go along

The words always mixed

In a confusing delivery

Jed held his hands tight

And bit his tongue



There is a place

Where the palms

Sway sweet and soft

When the air is timid

And easy

Concrete jungle

With all-day breezes

Palms trees bring it

That sense of calm

On the leaves

Of a palm


Rev the Day

Rev the day

everything you have

A little you don’t

Go all the way

Even if you think

You won’t

Don’t back down

On easy premise

Test the limits