Hold On

The blame game

As the numbers go lower


No respect for these games

It’s a lame game

No one is panicked

No one is insane

The sane say that this is insane

Build your own facts

Build your own stories

The talking heads support what they want

Elites walk around confused

And then there is me and you

Trying to figure it out

Hold on


Stupid Fang

What happens next

Such a stupid fang

A wrong clip

At the wrong moment

Who claims to be the relative opponent

Maybe it’s the rub of the grape

Fermented a bit too long

Alcohol  preserved now

No going back to the old way

It’s just a stupid fang

Teeth I am not proud of

Moments lacking in empathy

Writing wistfully


But these fangs are not going away anytime soon

What is the feisty destiny of this fang tooth


Goodnight Bright Light

Goodnight bright lights

Sirens of the police

Right outside the front door

Where my wife and I sleep

Goodnight LA

I guess there was a misunderstanding

A man was shot outside

While we were away planning

I guess this changes the future

Safety is a fleeting hope

Maybe we should just move along

Go away from this house

Away from the long night

Two steps and give flight

I hope the man was alright


Words Matter of Fact

Words do in fact matter

Matter of fact

They matter quite substantially

Unequivocally utilize words precisely



What we mean is what we say

What we say has meaning and intent

Intend on the best

Be aware of what you say

Say it with purpose and conviction

Sickening when used with ill intention

Words are the base of our communication

The foundation of understanding

So the use of words

Must not be passive

But commanding


There are No Actors

Real people showing up in real rooms

Filled with real emotions

Not a Facebook news story

Not cheap news shared from a desktop

But real people

Real hearts and real concerns

Time to face the facts

People are not happy

And it is not for the reasons we see on the news


Keep your ear to the ground and you will hear

The hearts of the people

Not in tune with media

But in tune with each other

Preparing to change the future

Steak and Lemons

Life is a campaign

Actually I would argue it is not

Not at all

It is a lot of work

Thankless tireless work

Not always in the public eye

Not with everyone at your side

Somehow I just don’t care

There is not enough money to be paid

For me to lift a finger in support of this mandate

Triad of confusion

When life gives you lemons you make steak

I guess

Cheap steak

I have never perfected that recipe through

I have a feeling neither have you

February 23rd The First

I have directly noted

That on the 23rd of February 

I have witnesssed my first fight

Over the price of food

Politics and celebrities are all fun and games

When people can’t eat

That is worrying

It’s not a Facebook story

Fake news

It’s the truth

Lived out in real time

Words to fight 

Over the rise in food costs



Happpenings right now

In our country

Uproars in Town Halls

Uproars thank goodness

Finally raucous

When we have clowns trying to hold mass

It’s time to get into class

Renewed hopes lie on unusual shoulders

These place holders

Are now finding lessons in power

From the people

By the people

A breathe of fresh air

That is seems now people actually care

Please, the Noise

Isn’t it over

The ambush of noise and pageantry

Can we move on to the issues friends

What message does it send to continue

Down a trick path

Of rallied souls for nothing more than TV

When can we move on and talk about wages

Wars and other issues of the day

Rallies are not everything

People show up and make noise

But that resolves little

Little done in little time

We are all now forced to walk the line