Downtown Grass

Amidst the highest

Of high rises

The darkest of pavement

The cracks in the road

And where we always go

There is the downtown grass

As green as a bouquet

Rising the spirts

Of the city dwellers

Who get

That mother nature

Is a part of life

No matter where

We go


Blunder Grass

Upon the grass

Mistakes remain


By the whisky grass grains

With wirey


Wisp over the ground

My own falt

I see lurking around

The corners and through

The fields

But no more power

Will I let it yield

For today starts a new force

Within me

Hope given to me

To push on



And unheard

My words

Fall short

When they could

Be bold

In paperback

Or in print

But to me

It’s not important

What is

Is the process of creation

To practice


With patience

So I am set on that front

Nothing more that I want


Holding hope

Holding patience

In a time

When waiting feels wasted

Yet to listen

When people scream

So angry

That I’m not sure

What it all means

But change happens

Not in a day

But in a lifetime

So I am holding


That we can do better

One day at a time