Day to Be

The coming days to be

Letting go of what was familiar to

You and me

A city

A life

For bigger and better

Discoveries and journeys

Letting go

While others hold so tight

That they squeeze the life

Out of the joy

Thy love

And love left

It will be


The Old Neighborhood

I know it will all change




Tiny specks will remain

Of the neighborhood I knew

For just a moment

I was late to the party

Closed it down

What seems meaningless

Will be much more important to me

Miles down

The road

So this one goes out to the neighborhood

It was short

But it was good


Set the Goal

Set the goal

Call the time

Set up a sinister

Set of rhymes

Jump through the hoop

And over the mountain

Drink water from the

Ever tempting fountain

See you on the other side

In due time

Goals listed

And achieved

What we have

What we need


The Breaks

Coming down the line

Faster than a train

Slow motion

Down from the emperor’s hand

Makes the everyday man

Work through the night

One can claim victory

While the others work through

The holiday


When life is forced

Rather than reflected

It becomes more difficult

Than anyone expected

Waiting Lackluster

How odd and confusing

A resolution

Of dissatisfaction


My own hopes

Hopelessly irrational

Lackluster performance

Averting disaster

The hands that guide

The world these days

Seem to have itchy palms

Strange ideas

For moving forward

Or learning back

In times we all now wait

To see what will be our own fate