Great Deflate

I show up

But late

Let’s get one thing straight

No words matter

In a great deflate

Deflate and prosper

“You’re fired”

But I already walked

From your offer

So here comes the New Year

The new changes

Bring on the corruption cases

Watch the fires blazin’

En garde!

En garde!



A Cascading Wind

A cascading wind 

Falls hard on our shoulders

Unknown to me

While the years make me older

Outlived truths

Falsities of our youth

Holding the ropes between

Me and you

The flip side of this situation

Is to tell you with little procrastination

That I hold you dear

My dear

We hold strong together

Under uncertain weather

Under skies grey or blue

I hold on to you

Beautiful Infamy

The barges float along Lake Michigan

Full of metals heavy and rusted

As the sun sets up the day

The water subdued

What natures made

We undue

The smokey waves of Ogden Dunes

On the horizon set

Cast iron red eaves

Made with crashing steam

It’s a night in the lake of industry

Set in a land of

Beautiful infamy