Hollywood Lightning

It must not be too often

But it happens

Now and then

When the lightning strikes

In the desert land

Crack like a crash

Upon the Hollywood Hills

The lightning struck

As it wills

Feel Free to Wait

Feel free to wait

For perfection

Or whatever your pursuit

Hope for the best

And trying to see it through

Some will laugh

At attempts made

But at least we are trying

Up here

Rather than sleeping in

The shade

Waking Up to Myself

Wake up to myself

Is sometimes the hardest part

Of learning to grow

Accept the quirks

Strange ticks

In life

In voice

But fear can not be

A driver of hope

Love not a driver of


So learning to let go

To accept fear as a part

Not as a whole

And move on

And hope for the best

I can be


Tide Mornings

Tide mornings

Through window panes

Grass bending

From the breeze

A fresh-water start

As it could be the sea

What mornings teach me

I always seem to learn

That in a deep breathe in

A good day must be earned


When You Lose‚Äč Markers

Somehow sitting in a bar

In downtown Chicago

I lost a marker

Some reference point

Of my past

And possible future

As I sat alone

Hearing only faint drips

Of conversations around

I realized that moving about


Can be a strange event

Quiet event


I realized some of my fears

The recurring ones

Are only created not intended

But must be understood

A marker is lost as we grow older

As new ones are set

But I still try to understand

The ones passing just like the rest

Harvest the Seeded

I try

And may never achieve

What I set out to do

I just have to believe

Hope and give more

Than I thought ever needed

But if we make it through

From the plants we harvest

We once seeded