Hollywood Lightning

It must not be too often

But it happens

Now and then

When the lightning strikes

In the desert land

Crack like a crash

Upon the Hollywood Hills

The lightning struck

As it wills


What Happened to the Songs

What happened to those tunes man

Now all I hear anymore is sand

Sand in my ears

Under the nails on my fingers

On my skin and under

I can’t stand it anymore

Why doesn’t anyone say anything anymore

When did music become so regulatory

All for finances and Hollywood glory?

That a fucking shame

Why do we want what is so lame

To fill our ears

With nothing of value and worth

No protest song or connection

The radio guides us in one direction

Upon inspection

It is less that satisfaction

That they blare this worthlessness

To world and miss

What happened to the songs of old

When a man could hold a guitar

So a story could be told

I don’t think that is old fashion

It is just a higher calling

Than that green cash’in

Let the melodies ring out

Let the voices sing

I will leave you with one thought

When you hear that radio

And the artist with the timeslot bought

Should your mind and thoughts be controlled?

So in some Bentley some executive can roll?

Music is much more than that

Than just some guys money rat