The Breaks

Coming down the line

Faster than a train

Slow motion

Down from the emperor’s hand

Makes the everyday man

Work through the night

One can claim victory

While the others work through

The holiday


When life is forced

Rather than reflected

It becomes more difficult

Than anyone expected


Waiting Lackluster

How odd and confusing

A resolution

Of dissatisfaction


My own hopes

Hopelessly irrational

Lackluster performance

Averting disaster

The hands that guide

The world these days

Seem to have itchy palms

Strange ideas

For moving forward

Or learning back

In times we all now wait

To see what will be our own fate

Peace and Trouble

A year was lived

Not too great

Yet pretty bad

Not the worst

But oddly strange

No signs of the world ebbing to

A soft landing

Rather someone trying to gain

The upper hand

We all suffer

All of us

All of us

An Old Friend

An old friend

Was always familiar

So much so

That I could swear

That we had met before

In some other life

But in a similarĀ realm

How quickly

Life can change

From sustained to lost


To holding on

I love my old friend

As he transitions

Making his way from one life to


And we will me again

My friend and I

Hope and Home

Hope held deep in the hearts

And homes

We the people

Own our own future

We own not land or car

Renting our time to make

Marks on this world

But in the end we are free to go

So what we leave

Will grow

In hope of life

In the home of each other