The Old Neighborhood

I know it will all change




Tiny specks will remain

Of the neighborhood I knew

For just a moment

I was late to the party

Closed it down

What seems meaningless

Will be much more important to me

Miles down

The road

So this one goes out to the neighborhood

It was short

But it was good



Oh to Fly

Oh to fly

Away from the noise

Higher than the clouds

Get away

When the world

Is pulling me down

Oh to fly like a bird

In a fresh moment

Go with the wind

Go sing songs

Songs of love

Songs of hope

Birds will fly

I wish I could go

Peace and Trouble

A year was lived

Not too great

Yet pretty bad

Not the worst

But oddly strange

No signs of the world ebbing to

A soft landing

Rather someone trying to gain

The upper hand

We all suffer

All of us

All of us

Hope and Home

Hope held deep in the hearts

And homes

We the people

Own our own future

We own not land or car

Renting our time to make

Marks on this world

But in the end we are free to go

So what we leave

Will grow

In hope of life

In the home of each other

Slow and Smooth

Write slow and smooth

All the unused phrases

Coming out in time

Hit the pen

Feel the rhyme

In coping with emotions

Happy and sad

Move the pen through feelings

Alive and dead

I hope that in the end


These words are read