Heather Days

From the rough

Of the grass

Long and blowing

In the late summer wind

The fall

Is upon us

With its linear sunlight

And orange hues

Touching the changes

And nothing you can do

So the early fall

Sets like the Heather days

As the summer fades



Jacque’s Song


Summer parks

Cool pools

Picking up 

And skipping school

Can’t wait until the weekend

Make it out of this place
Getting in trouble 
A bit too soon
But bring me those summer nights
And bright moons

We ran from park to park

Staying light and free

Dodging all the eyes

Looking at you and me

Just hold on 

We are inches from being free
Getting in trouble 
A bit too soon
But bring me those summer nights
And bright full moons
We make our way

In this life 

Holding hand

Feeling alright

Sand and swings

Let’s make this moment

Getting in trouble 
A bit too soon
But bring me those summer nights
And bright full moons

Balance of the Night

Radiant blue on crisp white


Bridges at night

City comforts on the side

This time

This night

My wife and I hold tight

Clean cement under warm winter skies

Our feet tap the pavement

Like full bellied 



We balance love work and 



Friends Among Strangers

Thoughts floating indistinct
Finding ears receiving
While some short lived
Fall extinct
Sweet carmel swift
Fall on noses
Scent drift
Bitters produce taste
Lingering strong
Keeping minds wake
All night long
Greenpoint and Williamsburg
Making friends among strangers
While coffee drips
Testing the hot draw
With tender lips
Small sips we grow
Ideas bloom
From the cold ground
With the melting snow
Tucked in a borough of NYC
They will find us
Locked eyes
You and me

The Salesman of Song

The Salesman of Song

Born to the middle class

They called him Joe

Full of talent

Full of song

Bringing to life

People’s wishes and thoughts

Make people cry or laugh

Whatever he sought

Growing up he took it so lightly

Musicians were not like him

Seemed to flighty

Years had passed

The pressure had grown

To make some money

Have some kids

Own a home

Through all he had been taught

All he had learned about

Never had the nerve

To sing his way out

See what songwriting could earn

So he went to school and got a degree

Went on to teach middle school until he was 53

Then came the recession

The ugly layoffs

He got caught up in the process

Now he had no job

His paycheck is much less

Would push a mower with his hands

Making sure the kids were fed

Keeping steady the natural family plan

Took out a loan and went back to school

No one ever thought this man a fool

Earned a PHD

Still struggling to find what he wants to be

He writes books on religion

Sells them at the doorstep

He knows that he missed

Stumbled when he could have leapt

He just writes songs on the side

Did it all along

Never had faith to make a living

Writing a song

He sells the idea to the young generation

Asking people for help

Feels the weight of procrastination

In a hole so deep

Playing songs so beautiful to the ear

But no singing can anyone hear

He is too old to try out new tunes

Wants to pay off the house and retire soon

He clearly knows years ago

Where it all went wrong

All that is left

Is the Salesman of Song

Great Nostalgia – 13 Years Ago

Tonight post is short and sweet. We just rocked out at a sweet house party in Downtown South Bend the night before our big show here in the bend for St Paddy’s Day. I am kinda wiped out – but I will give it my best. I am feeling a little nostalgic because I realized that tomorrow will be our biggest performance in South Bend ever and I have been playing in the bend for 13 years!!! Holy shit! I played my first show when I was 15, my mom dropped me off at a local coffee house called “Higher Grounds” in DT South Bend. It was an amazing show and now tomorrow I will be on stage in front of 8,000+ crazy to look back at the journey – and funny how life works. But I am super excited – a poem will be written post show to summarize the feelings and emotions. For some reason word press is not letting me space correctly so this will be read by using commas (not for grammatical purpose)

All the chatter, Play it this way and what is the matter, Chords still ring out, I cling to this guitar like a mad hatter, I have seen many a shops open and close, Sang them a song before they had to dispose, Of all their assets and move out of town, Kinda sad to think that I would never again see them around, This town or any other for that matter, People have come and gone, Some great inspirations, Some not so much, But in some meaningful way it was my life that they touched, I think back with great nostalgia to the first show posters, My life since those first days has been nothing short of a great roller coaster, I have now traveled from coast to coast, I have found places I loved the least and the most, With my guitar I have traveled, I say this not to boast, My humble beginnings playing in Coffee shops to onlookers playing chess, I did not have a fabulous voice, I can honestly say that I gave it my best, Only 15 looking for a grand time, Little did I know that love and a calling I would find, Years went by, I continued to play, I tried to give it a little something just about everyday, Then music led me to my love, She landed in my life as gentle as a dove, She would sing I would play, Anywhere and we did not worry about pay, 10 years have gone by since then, I can not believe it has already been 10, Now we get to play on a much great stage, I guess you could say that we have turned the page, From the empty coffee houses to people packed in, I used to know this city when the music scene was thin, Now it is robust and growing, Songs are being written, People now create great art, I am humbled to think that I played just a small part, I hope South Bend continues to grow, What it will become in ten years nobody really knows, To do my part I will just continue to pick up my guitar sing and play, I hope for the best for this city one day, Wishing it the best on this St. Patrick’s Day.

I am no Poet

This was written right after watching the presidential inauguration. I really enjoyed the poet Richard Blanco and his poem “One Today”. I used it, and the rest of the ceremony, for inspiration. I thought that it would be important for me to really focusing on what it is that connect us together as Americans, and also can devise and separate us through erroneous use of our egos etc. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

For I am no poet

No writer, nor musician

No athlete or businessman

I am but nothing and will return

I must be stripped of all

Before I know what I am

What I am made of

What wiring makes my soul

All the confusion and static

The noise and the stammer

Of what others want

And I need

In the confusion I believe one

And forget another

Only to remember

To be reminded of yet another

So I challenge myself and you

To strip away what is

And to find what will be

What is it that you stand for

To look at these flesh and bones

And find what the meaning is

Beyond the labels and toys

Finding a simple meaning within

For we are all connected in a manner

An inner webbing that connects us

That unites us

And if we so choose tears us apart

Yet we strive for more

To seek meaning that is greater

Than the sum of our parts

And unifies us

This is our challenge

Our calling

Our honor

To be what we are

To forget the other meanings

And find our own

Not in our own minds

But from deep within