The Salesman of Song

The Salesman of Song

Born to the middle class

They called him Joe

Full of talent

Full of song

Bringing to life

People’s wishes and thoughts

Make people cry or laugh

Whatever he sought

Growing up he took it so lightly

Musicians were not like him

Seemed to flighty

Years had passed

The pressure had grown

To make some money

Have some kids

Own a home

Through all he had been taught

All he had learned about

Never had the nerve

To sing his way out

See what songwriting could earn

So he went to school and got a degree

Went on to teach middle school until he was 53

Then came the recession

The ugly layoffs

He got caught up in the process

Now he had no job

His paycheck is much less

Would push a mower with his hands

Making sure the kids were fed

Keeping steady the natural family plan

Took out a loan and went back to school

No one ever thought this man a fool

Earned a PHD

Still struggling to find what he wants to be

He writes books on religion

Sells them at the doorstep

He knows that he missed

Stumbled when he could have leapt

He just writes songs on the side

Did it all along

Never had faith to make a living

Writing a song

He sells the idea to the young generation

Asking people for help

Feels the weight of procrastination

In a hole so deep

Playing songs so beautiful to the ear

But no singing can anyone hear

He is too old to try out new tunes

Wants to pay off the house and retire soon

He clearly knows years ago

Where it all went wrong

All that is left

Is the Salesman of Song


Light and Meaningless

This is just a piece written out of inspiration after watching a documentary about a pop star that has had her “big break”. I found the most ridiculous part of the movie was how they talked about her writing had developed her vocabulary. Then they showcased this horrible song overusing mediocre simile. So I have some simile thrown in for effect here and how ridiculous it is to claim that good simile can create good poems. It can help, definitely, but I believe there is a lot more to poetry and learning how to write than that. On top of all of this, she still co-writes all of her work with major hit writers. So lets not get over zealous with how much she is doing. Anyways – RAWK!


Why does every song have to be about heartbreak

As though what you say

Has never been said

The book that was written

No one actually read

Or took any time to look it over

Over and over

My stomach turns listening to stale bread

Filling up the holes in my head

With words so light and meaningless

Where is the controversy in all of this

But a love song will sell

It will land you on the charts

That is all you should care for anyway

Get charted make some dough and roll away

I have no appetite for that no calling for swooning

My heart cannot be pulled anymore by this

Songs about how ones hearted is wounded

Do I really have to be relatable and and marketable

At what point does all of this become a song

Whether I seem to have it right or have it wrong

I can debate this question all night long

When my eyelids glue open to ceiling above

There is no point to this all when push comes to shove

The feelings fall like honey down a wilted tree

I used the word honey there

Isn’t that so creative of me

I have no calling for simile or rhyme

I just try to create what I feel I can call mine

A concoction of words so bitter and so timid

Just the flesh of a peach left when it is pitted

Try to make something small everyday

Quick painting of what is going on around me

To look back one day and truly be able to say

The meaning was left in the heart of the words

There truly is no right way

Pajama Celebrity

This is written out of my bewilderment for my generations obsessions with themselves. I may be a part of the problem too – I am still trying to understand it all. I really tried to focus on the use of “me” and “I” in this poem and how the demeanor changes drastically into the last line of the poem. From a sense of self discovery to a tone of demand and control – which is what seems to happen to people obsessed with this idea of a self made celebrity. All of this is going on and it begs the question what is the overall purpose of this shit.

You mean even I can be a celebrity?

Take a couple pictures and soon you will see

That all this media can focus on just you and me

But what about all the people

Filling up the tabloid pages

Worry you must not now

They are gone with the ages

Just hit this button and post it online

It can’t hurt it seems like a fun time

A sign that reads something funny

A dog

A cat

Doing something witty

Such a low cost to pay

For such a pretty kitty

You mean even I can be a celebrity?

I can have the entire world revolve around me

Me the center and others revolving

I don’t care if no ones problem I am solving

As long as I fulfill the constant desire

The feelings will make me move higher and higher

When I get up to high must I get down?

I like the view up here I just look around

What is the real point of this all anyways?

I am going to exploit the shit out of it

I take advantage while it pays

Cause yeah

Even now I can be a celebrity

Wear crowned jewels into obscurity

Where the world revolves around me

What I say and what I do

I might even try to persuade you

Into believing that there is more here

That just a silly little kitty

That is why I am sitting pretty

Turn on the computer and say my piece

Might even do it wearing my favorite fleece

Pajama bottoms and rocking out

This is really what I am all about

The camera now loves me with all respect

Forget about leaving my ego in check

Cause all this pride has got me feeling good

Now sit down and listen like you should

On a lighter note – I have yet to post any songs to my blog. Tomorrow I am going to start by posting a video that I am very happy with and gives a nice introduction to my songwriting. I look forward to that posting it and more videos of songs to come. I hope to have at least 1 post a week that is a song – this blog will keep me working towards that goal. So stay tuned for some fresh tunes 🙂