Holding the World

The pale pastels of the lake

Freshened breath with no mistake

On the horizon a rusted thorn

On the Northwest tip is worn

My home state moves

No chance to hesitate

Offering big tax breaks

For the industrial rake

Tearing up the land

I have yet to ever understand

How we can destroy such beauty

Beauty of our land

The water and the sand

Taken for granted our homeland

I will look out to the lake and wonder

If there is a beauty of fresh water

Upon this earth so mild

It is both mother and child

We must honor the world so

Unless mistakenly

We let it go


Don’t Wreck the Morning

Don’t wreck the morning

Twill slip away with no warning

Late nights give way to undone time

Lines of sunlight pass through the cracks

Until the high of noon will come to pass

I collaborate with ideas

Giving up has no relation

Manifestation of lazy eyes

Rest and wake

In the morning

We: Make the World

Love is easy to give

Yet can be hard to find

Build it strong

In due time

Love will find a way

To make life better

In a simple way

Calling out to change

Forgiving and forgetting

Love can be the remedy

For anything upsetting

I search for love

Love to give

Love to keep

Love upon a deep mid winter sleep

The gift I give

Is not expensive

To be found almost anywhere

I give love

Without a care

I hope you do to

Do your part to make it

Not so hard to find

For when love is given

The world is a much better place

To live in

Everyday Poems

Poetry can be a mythical creation that comes at times unexpected. Sometimes it is just a plane old everyday experience. I am currently exercising my writing every day as a way to grow and understand my own writing and inspirations – as a poet and a songwriter. Somedays are just like this poem – just a simple reflection about the things around me with no real deep inspiration, other than the commitment of writing. I hope you enjoy this “Everyday Poem”. Cheers.

Cup of hot tea

Time for reflection

Nothing better

Than late night detection

The mind wanders

Fingers write

Thoughts of the day

Lead to the night

Trying to grow

One line at a time

Creating poems

Words whisked together

Hoping they shine

Adjectives and verbs

trying to find the right words

Behind these eyelids

Simple thoughts will serve

For the next idea

Will be stolen from the day

Spoken in words

Elicited from what we say

Some nights are inspired

Others the normal kind

Putting the pen to paper

Just doing it every time

In hopes of growing

Achieving something greater

I needed it in my life now

My world would be different

If I waited one second later

Through poetry I have found

What resonates my life

Notes that resound

The soundtrack of my days

Is written in these lines

In these pages

It is me that I hope to find

When eyes become heavy

Sleep bound

I pull up the covers

Close my eyes

While the world spins round

Light and Meaningless

This is just a piece written out of inspiration after watching a documentary about a pop star that has had her “big break”. I found the most ridiculous part of the movie was how they talked about her writing had developed her vocabulary. Then they showcased this horrible song overusing mediocre simile. So I have some simile thrown in for effect here and how ridiculous it is to claim that good simile can create good poems. It can help, definitely, but I believe there is a lot more to poetry and learning how to write than that. On top of all of this, she still co-writes all of her work with major hit writers. So lets not get over zealous with how much she is doing. Anyways – RAWK!


Why does every song have to be about heartbreak

As though what you say

Has never been said

The book that was written

No one actually read

Or took any time to look it over

Over and over

My stomach turns listening to stale bread

Filling up the holes in my head

With words so light and meaningless

Where is the controversy in all of this

But a love song will sell

It will land you on the charts

That is all you should care for anyway

Get charted make some dough and roll away

I have no appetite for that no calling for swooning

My heart cannot be pulled anymore by this

Songs about how ones hearted is wounded

Do I really have to be relatable and and marketable

At what point does all of this become a song

Whether I seem to have it right or have it wrong

I can debate this question all night long

When my eyelids glue open to ceiling above

There is no point to this all when push comes to shove

The feelings fall like honey down a wilted tree

I used the word honey there

Isn’t that so creative of me

I have no calling for simile or rhyme

I just try to create what I feel I can call mine

A concoction of words so bitter and so timid

Just the flesh of a peach left when it is pitted

Try to make something small everyday

Quick painting of what is going on around me

To look back one day and truly be able to say

The meaning was left in the heart of the words

There truly is no right way

5 am grabs me

Very informal late night ramble. Drove from 8:30 am until 5 am and this is basically where my mind was at. It is crazy how you almost start to hallucinate and you definitely need some time to recover. So here is to late night, cheers!

5 a.m. grabs me

not asleep yet



probably not

the skies lift a heavy fog

from evening shoulders

passing lines

and green street signs

late night

driving all around

better prop up these eyelids

so they had not fall down

the next day is no better

wake up late

in somewhat of a lucid state

but 5 a.m will take some time

to recover

my mind works slow

slower on those days

it stumbles through

with a velvet glaze

my eyes bloodshot

all around

last night was late

and there is still a ringing sound

i muster up the courage to write

let the words fall and thoughts take flight

i feel alright as my muscles warm

to poetry I return

with no care for content or form

that is where I stop

as vision blurring mind distort

better put the pen down

on days like today

it is best

to keep it short