5 am grabs me

Very informal late night ramble. Drove from 8:30 am until 5 am and this is basically where my mind was at. It is crazy how you almost start to hallucinate and you definitely need some time to recover. So here is to late night, cheers!

5 a.m. grabs me

not asleep yet



probably not

the skies lift a heavy fog

from evening shoulders

passing lines

and green street signs

late night

driving all around

better prop up these eyelids

so they had not fall down

the next day is no better

wake up late

in somewhat of a lucid state

but 5 a.m will take some time

to recover

my mind works slow

slower on those days

it stumbles through

with a velvet glaze

my eyes bloodshot

all around

last night was late

and there is still a ringing sound

i muster up the courage to write

let the words fall and thoughts take flight

i feel alright as my muscles warm

to poetry I return

with no care for content or form

that is where I stop

as vision blurring mind distort

better put the pen down

on days like today

it is best

to keep it short