4 Minutes

In 4 minutes I will attempt

To write words

Strung together with

Some meaning

My eyes are stuck to the screen


Written in an attempt to say

What I have postponed along the way

Returning to ritual

Feels good

Yet not unusual

Three Letter Prose

Building rows

Of three letter prose

Steady up

And steady grows

Sunday Mornings wane lightly

Just enough momentum

To get flying

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner

In the midst of a mild winter

Growing up

But not growing old

This is how the week

Slowly lulls me back

Ready to begin


Summers Waning Pace

Summer wanes

Like an early bird song in the morning

Warming and warning

We heed like leaves awaiting the fall

For changes that will come

Our lives will adjust with seasons

Waxing and waning

All the time anticipating the future

Holding dear to the past and present

We are old enough now

To realize if you look too much ahead

You will be left with future regret

Holding hands

Kissing lips

We await this changes with fires now dim lit

Summers waning pace has tapered off with the months

Cooling heads and sending us off

How I hold the present tight

But know that just letting go

Will be alright


Ubiquity in Equity

Off and running

We could not see it coming

The challenged faced

Could not be erased


Or constrained

Ubiquity in equity

Understanding out diversity

Was the challenge we

Were presented

We sleep to rise

Rise to work

And push on again

The Empire Sun

Under the Empire sun

The city resets in the evening

Continual receiving

Thick lines run blurred into the night


The world centers herself

Around the NYC shelves

From Jackson Heights

To the Bushwick and Greenpoint


We held hands

As we felts our way

Through a city heralding a



The sun


We blink our eyes

Rub them dry

To see the Empire sun

Settle over the western sky


Over the east river

We await


For yet another day


Misrepresented Presumption

Over time

Challenges will get easier

But I have lived under the

Misrepresented presumption

I assumed with all known gumption

That somehow

It would get easy

But easier does not imply easy

Easy implies lack of trying

Lack of trying implies lack of caring

So life for me

Will never be easy

Nor would I want it to be

If difficult becomes easier

It becomes manageable

Not easy

Manageable means you still

Must give your best

Under new conditions

Yet the same test

But the false truth

That life would get easy

Was misleading me

Tempting me

Causing me more harm than known

Holding me back from where

I could have grown

I now know and understand

That the true tests of being a man

Will never be easy

And I hope they never will

I hope life continues to test my growing


But I will learn

I will grow

Taking each passing test as I go

Life will never be easy

I will accept all challenges

With greatness of eager

With hope one day

These great challenges

Will be just a bit





Subtle Plans

Planes circle overhead

Outside dust stained windows

Bustling people away and close

Making their way from coast

To coast

On the ground cars rage honking



People walking




We hold hands

Weaving through the crowds

With subtle plans

We think

We can

We hope

We plan

In New York

No second guess

No delay

Or deferred progress

But I sit wondering

Looking at the planes overhead

Shuffling the people around the world

New York to LA

In clear light

Late in March

On a sunny day



Inconvenient Actions

Inconvenient actions

Created by unstable minds

Lost my own time

Caught up in the winds

Created from ones whims

I get lost in anger and regret

Why is it that I should have to be set
On these feelings when I have stay quiet

My lips fall silent while my mind riots

I flow like water

Not held back by anything

Rolling and flowing

Taking life to the next scene