A Risky Toast

From coast to coast 

We raise a risky toast

To love and opportunity

Peace through resistance

Growth through Unity

These times will be marked with

Fraudulent politicians 

While plumbers and musicians 

Unite on the streets

Of New York City

To say that we won’t back down

Lay down

Or roll over

Not until the fascism is over

Nor the rains have passed

We will stand together at last

United in diversity

United stronger through this diversity 

For arrogance knows now mercy

And neither do we


No Sympathy for Idiocracy

No sympathy for idiocracy

No celebration in degradation 

No hope in fear

No love in hate

We stand more united today

Than ever before

One man can not run the floor

We are learning the hard way

So let it be our takeaway

Love and action

Love and action

Love in action

Let’s act together

Bored with Peace

That’s is what the commentator said

Those three words I dread



I have feared this from every limb

These words settled so grim

How do we arrive at such uneasy emotions

A stirring in the depths of the sea

This is our new reality

The world is changing in front of our eyes

While we are staring eyelids wide

I hope this is not true

But I have a feeling the words are on to a clue

Buckle us up

I hope to be here

When the next 4 years are through 

It Might Rain

Bring the lawsuits

Pack the bags

Going to be a drag

Drama right on CSPAN

My thoughts don’t meander

They got up and ran

Maybe a calendar would be more encouraging

Let’s unfasten the winter

Unfasten the summer

Pack it up quick and move on

It’s going to start raining

Modern Culture

A poem of modern culture

Coffee clashing 

Politically smashing

The words echoed from my mouth

How could we have known 

Lies started it all of out

So the story begins

Of uncertainty

Burning me

Whole world in front of us


Words can fall hollow 

But new words will fill my mouth

Modern culture devout 

The Tranquil Giraffe Unkown

Vote for me

Vote for me

Vote for me and you will see

I am the savior of the problems

No problems will persists

The world is in peril

And I the only fix

Vote for me

Over here in the corner

I have my chest out to be the proudest

And what better but my voice be the loudest

Forget the sick and poor

This country has so much more

You can see in my gold gilded hallways

Make it rain when its already pouring

No tax return no ability to audit

Thank goodness no one caught it

Vote for me

Even though its over

I already won

The problems we face

Have begun

To be undone

There is no check and balance

Goodness no

Just silence


Where we go now

Deep into depths of regret and unknown