Ode to Control

Letting go

In a time like this

Wood burning mess

When the times are hard

An ode to control

Is called

Norms of ideals

Exist no longer

When the ice melts

And turns into water

From my tiny apartment in NYC

Packing up my life

City to city

A republicĀ in confusing times

And settings

Ode to control

If I were a risky man

I would be betting

Hard Power

What in the world

Strength throw dumbbells curled

Javelin hurled

Bench press thrust

Is this a must

Such poor word selection

Power hard

Fast and furious

This leaves more to be curious

Than resolved

Our new mantra to be debated

While people in our country are confiscated

Why such ignorance and clamor

Why the subtle glamor

Celebrating the courageous politicians

Who are much more to be pitied

With blame


Keep Your Stakes

Keep your stakes friend

I will keep mine

You run the country

I’m running around just trying

No advocates for artist

Rather keep the real estate

State to state


The lies keep dropping 

Like smog filled drops of rain

What’s potential and what’s real

Only the average man can feel

Not in some high rise or looming tower

The hands that make these luxuries

Know nothing of the top shelf

Build it high

Then sell it to the highest bidder




What’s happens to the hands that build these towers

After the wealthy have laid there fur rugs

We all look up in disdain


Keep your holdings friends

And I’ll keep mine