Santa Monica Sun

Along a winding path

Paved sun-glazed cement

Baked with a hazy grey sealant

With summer shoes

Raking the rocks

Along the freckled


Sunscreen scented fragrances

Illuminating hiatus

Under the strung out

Santa Monica Sun

Begin Again


Back again

I am

How is it that when

The open road calls

The mind goes quiet

Simply put

But back in my chair

Armed with new ideas


New experiences from

Across the country

Again I write

I reunite with a friend

I truly

Begin again


Hard Power

What in the world

Strength throw dumbbells curled

Javelin hurled

Bench press thrust

Is this a must

Such poor word selection

Power hard

Fast and furious

This leaves more to be curious

Than resolved

Our new mantra to be debated

While people in our country are confiscated

Why such ignorance and clamor

Why the subtle glamor

Celebrating the courageous politicians

Who are much more to be pitied

With blame



Consider My Age

What will become of the hundreds


That end up giving up everything

Come up just a bit short

Short of the goal

Slightly off the objective

What happens when those souls

Examine minimum wage

And reconsider everything

Starting with their age

These revelations come on off days

When I am at the store

Realize somehow everything moves along

Push the grocery shopping cart

Keep shopping

Shake it off


Batch of Fury

What can I do

Seeing the beginning hrough

What looked like a simple task

Revealed a challenging mask

What I now must ask

What is the drive of a dream

Driving, pushing, ripping with steam

When steam is less of a stream

A trickle slowly flowing

Regrouping a new batch of fury

When it is needed in such a hurry

I knew that challenges would come up

Disrupt my path of commitment

Inner sentiment rattled

In an industry of noise and clatter

Struggling to find what matters

What is clear and concise

Hold on to notes more precise

A harmony that unites

Rather than divides

The stories coming from other story tellers

Tell the same story as mine

In a world less than divine

Struggles and distractions are what they find

I see the same hopes and failures

Hoping for grit to set sail

Futile to Fertile

Spring is right around the corner. On a warm spring day this came to me as I relished in the final days of winter. Those days are some of my favorite of the year. Enjoy!

Winter days fade

Into spring

Quiet mornings

Where the birds


The final snow

Begins to melt

And fade away

Winter is moving out


Must be on its way

For today

I admire

The winter cold

Windy gnarly

And brutal

My attempts to leave the Midwest

Always seem to be


Until the fertile lands

Of spring bloom

Once again

Bring back

Warmth and summers moon

All of this will be back

Very soon

And soon indeed

It will bring me joy

A young child

With a brand new toy

To run around under the sun

My heart swells

When it is warm

How the feelings come back to me

On this winters morn’