The Rally Cry of the Tired

The rally cry of the tired

A worthy cause flamed out with vigor

Passing floating rolling

I have tried

To do good

Good to be undone

So much has to rely on a rally cry

When your tired

And lonely

Not alone

You feel sad

Disconnected from the world

How did it work out not the way it was

All planned

A plane in flight unmanned

The plane now is in the final descent

It will land



But through all of this



Have grown

Grown up

So here we come


One, Two, Three

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I wonder how long I can do this

Just maintain

Sustain a healthy life

What about my career

Am I headed in the right direction

Ah f*ck directions

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I wonder if we will make rent this week

Can we afford to get some food tonight

I am sure we will be alright

Last time I checked we were

‘Up, one, two, three…”


I can’t believe how sore I am today

Walking over 5 miles a day

It’s a little much

To work and play

But I am tough

I am a New Yorker

‘Up, one, two, three”


4 workouts in a weeks

Trying to keep my body in peak shape

Just for the strength I need

To carry on life

To make progess where I thought

I could make none


‘Up, one, two, three…”

guitar_Fotor hazy

Vomit your Ignorance

Everything has changed around us

Except the people that surround us

Sounding off their discontent alarms

While holding out a cold arm

To wish us well

So they can go behind and tell

That they silently disapprove

Of every single move

And create a story they can sell

To any poor ear they can tell

This ignorance is vomited

From every last drip they spew

To them I say

Farewell “Good Friends”

I must bid you adieu

Look Mom – I am in Last Place!

Well I got started a little late. But I know that if I put my followers of my blog on it… We will take this thing by storm!! Well… I think… haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just put this together for fun as a way to document some of my work over the past couple of months. Needless to say – I am proud of it. Thanks for being there with me – and here is to many more poems songs and moments! Cheers!

Look Mom! I am in last place!

Sun Bleached Dashboards

Oh Florida

I need those palm trees
And that warm humid breeze
The salt waters on the gulf
Even the tourists have forgotten
That even at oceans bottom
Smooth sands of Florida
Will remain to be
Those hot days with no reprieve
Sun bleached dashboards
The geriatric community agrees
That on a warm summers night
In September
We await the cool fall eaves of late November
And that is what Florida will always remain to me

Our Selfish Nature

Are we really selfish from conception

We asks our mothers to give us life

From the moment of our inception

Taking nutrients blood and life

From deep inside

Of our mothers belly

Asking for oxygen and food

To be taken care of

Regardless of her mood

There is no waiting in beginning

Asking asking asking

Wondering how we will survive

How will our mothers keep us alive

So it makes me wonder

Was I born selfish

Is human nature itself intrinsically selfish

To take rather than to give

Is that the way we begin to live

I understand that life is freely given

By the one who creates us

Whether it be god you believe

Or the forces of nature

It has no relevance in this conversation

I want to ask

Are you selfish

Wanting a life to live and food to eat

Is that the core of the selfish life

Or is it pure survival instincts

We surely cannot sustain life without

It is our job then to destroy selfishness

In the end

To see itโ€™s light burnt out

Dedicated to the last cause

Very devout

People begin

Some grow


Some grow


Some grow


Some grow


We may be born to our selfish ways

As we grow old it is our responsibility

To shed the selfish life for independence

Dignity and responsibility

And that is the way it should be


Futile to Fertile

Spring is right around the corner. On a warm spring day this came to me as I relished in the final days of winter. Those days are some of my favorite of the year. Enjoy!

Winter days fade

Into spring

Quiet mornings

Where the birds


The final snow

Begins to melt

And fade away

Winter is moving out


Must be on its way

For today

I admire

The winter cold

Windy gnarly

And brutal

My attempts to leave the Midwest

Always seem to be


Until the fertile lands

Of spring bloom

Once again

Bring back

Warmth and summers moon

All of this will be back

Very soon

And soon indeed

It will bring me joy

A young child

With a brand new toy

To run around under the sun

My heart swells

When it is warm

How the feelings come back to me

On this winters mornโ€™