Malls: The Great Demise


What will become of these ancient beasts

As the tides of merchandising physically

Eternally decrease

What will happen to the giant escalators

The buildings will be filled with vacancies

Then what are we left with

A skeleton of what was

Hieroglyphics to be studied about our culture

Pulled apart like the bones of a unlucky prey

Beneath the vulture

What will become of these voids

As our time will be filled up with droids

Clouds in the sky raining on empty buildings

It will not come soon

For some maybe not soon enough

What will happen when tastes and preferences move on

The malls are going to get ditched

Pretty rough


4 Minutes

In 4 minutes I will attempt

To write words

Strung together with

Some meaning

My eyes are stuck to the screen


Written in an attempt to say

What I have postponed along the way

Returning to ritual

Feels good

Yet not unusual

Evening Light Protection

Straight lines of mint on county line roads

Staring out seeing dark tree shadows

Making their ways under sprinklers cold

Grass with a golden glow

Waiting the next rainfall or evening glisten

Animals waiting for exceptions

To sneak in under evening light protections

I see the evening run light rails

Hollering trains understated call hails

We wait the train coming out bustling

Heading winds with certain flow

The farms lull me to sleep

Eyes closed in summers keep


Constant Race

The constant race

Of the human race

Coming face to face

With realities

Of what will Be

What will not be

Committed to a community

Of people breathing and sleeping

Communicating all sensations

Of creations



Sharing with each other

The ideas of lovers

People hate

Other continue to love

We work well

On a Wednesday swell

Of the city

On the ground

In the NYC Town

The Dust Migration

How can dust exist in such plethora

Consuming humans in black filth

Penetrating apartments with stealth

What is the creator

The destroyer

Yet it plooms from every

Vehicle brimming black and burdened

From the backs of trucks

Tossed lightly into the air

To begin it journey

Destination unknown

Yet it flies just softly enough

Through the screens

Into our homes

Where it land

Collects friends

Possibly propagates

Until we have the motivation to cleanse

Purging our home from such creations

Out the shoot

And back into the circle

Of the dust migration

A Winter Dawn

There is a particular Steely Dan song

That reminds me

Of when I was young

Being in the car with my father

Driving to school

I can’t make out the details

Something about Green Earrings

I remember these times fondly

The fatherly bond

Created through music and experience

I am not even sure that we talked

We just drove listening to the keyboard


Something happened in that moment

I can not tell you what

Or how

But I will remember it

50 years from now

Me and my dad

Listening to Steely Dan

On a drive to school

In a green Nissan

As the sun was cracking

From underneath

A winter dawn


Is there a Right?

Is there a right

A place where you can be alright

Whether the answer is yes or no

Is there a right

Can one truly be wrong

Without any truth answered



If there is right

Can I choose this

Rather than choosing wrong

Can I choose it

Or does right choose me

Will it pick me up

Or let me be

Can I only know right

If I had been wrong

Right must appear

Through frustration and hope

But in the end I know

I hope

I can choose what was right

Because life is short

Yet days can be long

I hope that in the end

I can choose

Right from wrong


Time to Reflect

Time to reflect

On decisions

That have been made

Others postponed

And delayed

Where I stand today

May not affect tomorrow

So how do I quite know

If this is where I should


So many questions

Yielding very few answers

The scenery does not change

If I just choose to

Stand here

The past 3 years

Decisions were not bad

But if I could go back

What would I instruct

That poor young lad

I might say

Act with confidence

And cause

What you do not gain

Is not quite a loss

Move quick

And stay nimble

The world will not wait

for your heart delayed

its that simple

Fear holds you

Hostage at blank point

But behind the gun

Is no ammo

It holds you

Until you let go

Youth is fleeting

Do not become to attached

From your young wirey hands

This gift will be quickly snatched

But do not lose hope

There is no reason

What you lose one year

You will find stronger

In another season

Patience is key

But do not get complacent

Words striking and true

But you truly have to face them

In the end

Know your goal

Or destination

There is no minute hand

When the clock is wasting

Finally push back

Word hard

And stay committed

When it is all over

You will be glad you did it

I hope that in another few years

I can read this back

And have new wisdom

To share

But for now

I hope to own these truths

So that I may push on

A time to reflect

Is a time for my heart

To be reset

Vomit your Ignorance

Everything has changed around us

Except the people that surround us

Sounding off their discontent alarms

While holding out a cold arm

To wish us well

So they can go behind and tell

That they silently disapprove

Of every single move

And create a story they can sell

To any poor ear they can tell

This ignorance is vomited

From every last drip they spew

To them I say

Farewell “Good Friends”

I must bid you adieu

Welcoming Arm

Never seen nothing like this before

Everyone running around

A man lays lifeless on the ground

Not sure who he was

Or where he was from

On the streets of South Bend

Under a cool autumn sun

The cops came up

Looking to keep him breathing

Not much was happening

I could see then

I was in my car

They were on the street

I have no skills to save lives

A subtle feeling of defeat

A man on the street laid out

Long grey hair

Khaki trousers

I could see what was happening

In a few days loved one will bring flowers

To put to rest this loved soul

I do not know him

And never will

But I am sure he has a great story to tell

He may have been a wanderer

Or a businessman

A plumber

Or a musician

His shoes worn in and worker brown

The paramedics rushed in

While others gathered around

I was struck with emotion

As the scene unfolded

No wife with him

Or a hand for holdin’

There he lay lifeless

All I do is ask the good lord to bless

This man and either deliver him safely

Back into this world unharmed

Or greet him at the doors of heaven

With a welcoming arm

God speed dear friend