4 Minutes

In 4 minutes I will attempt

To write words

Strung together with

Some meaning

My eyes are stuck to the screen


Written in an attempt to say

What I have postponed along the way

Returning to ritual

Feels good

Yet not unusual

Here in Front of Me

Everything I need is right here in front of me

My hands, eyes, hope, desire

Everything I can use to bring myself higher

Hard work is the barrier

Constraining my own ethic

I feel that I have now realized this simple truth

What you focus on grows

What you forget about goes away with old

So I must refocus on what is in front of me

All the tools I need

Are surrounding me

Asking me

I will answer


Slip and Slide of Lethargy

Information technology

Slip and slide of lethargy

Connected eyes

With screens to see

Distracting cells of energy

I pull away empathetically

Hoping for some new life in me

How is it that machines can lock in

On holding tight to my time and skin

Settle my movements and actions

Taking me into dead satisfaction

I am weary of these offers

Video games makes normal

The martyrs

So I will walk away

Until the next day

The lights illuminate my face again

Swollen Skies

Growing up

Under swollen skies

Making changes

In our parents eyes

Commitments made

Growing mistakes

We just have to do

Whatever it takes

I watch you grow

You watch me

We help each other stay

From as low as life

Can be

We wake up together

To see another day

Whether its the sun

Or the rain

We grew up under swollen skies

When the rain fell

It pulled the tears out of our eyes

Yet we pushed through

I get to see a new face

Through the rain anew

I am honored and proud

To be your husband

Under these dark rain clouds

Rapid Scores

The leather cold from a chilly morning
Sand from clothes the night before
One grain less
One grain more
The birds chirp rapid scores
Pushing me out the door
The radio belts out last nights memories
Sent me off for the night
Making the ways
For new
Broken in

Hard to Imagine

Its hard to imagine

Yet easy to see

Life grown

From sea to sea

City coast on eastern suns

To the simple life

Of farm living

What we see

Is what we are giving

The floors kept with field extras

Bugs, birds, dirt and all

We are held up

While the road calls

Be on your way

Where it takes us

Not for us to say


Evening Light Protection

Straight lines of mint on county line roads

Staring out seeing dark tree shadows

Making their ways under sprinklers cold

Grass with a golden glow

Waiting the next rainfall or evening glisten

Animals waiting for exceptions

To sneak in under evening light protections

I see the evening run light rails

Hollering trains understated call hails

We wait the train coming out bustling

Heading winds with certain flow

The farms lull me to sleep

Eyes closed in summers keep


Paving Paths of Uncertainty

From the bugs

To the webs

Rolling dust up

Cleaning the house

On a small Indiana farm

Crawling out


Falling out

Contemplating the rearranging

The possessions I own

Giving up

Learning to let go

So we can roll down the road

From NY to IN

Paving paths of uncertainty

Getting older will certainly

Make me wonder about the future

What it holds

And how to just let go

Little Words

Pack up the luggage

Keep a straight face

Back on the road

A musicians pace

Don’t take anything too close

Keep a little distance from the heart

Getting all involved

Will only make this hard

Little words with great meaning

We have to keep on keeping

NYC away we go

Be back when autumn rolls

For another winter lays ahead

Summers gone in the Midwest

We make our way from Brooklyn

To South Bend and back again

Tours ahead

Songs to sing and play

We look forward to being back in Brooklyn

On a beautiful autumn day