Little Words

Pack up the luggage

Keep a straight face

Back on the road

A musicians pace

Don’t take anything too close

Keep a little distance from the heart

Getting all involved

Will only make this hard

Little words with great meaning

We have to keep on keeping

NYC away we go

Be back when autumn rolls

For another winter lays ahead

Summers gone in the Midwest

We make our way from Brooklyn

To South Bend and back again

Tours ahead

Songs to sing and play

We look forward to being back in Brooklyn

On a beautiful autumn day

Apartment Door

Rain falls

Hard as I can ever remember

My hair drips wet

Water balling up

In tiny circles

Falling on cold hands

As I reach

The apartment door

Small winding rivers

Create islands and shores

Staying dry is today’s chore

Blustering wind

And rain a little more

But I made it dry

To that apartment door


Latched Upon Sunlight

Some days are just short writings. Time seems to fly by and I can not grab enough of it to sit down and do my daily writings. This week I am trying to get 2 writings done per day as next week I will be on the road the entire time. So here is a shot little piece – it is starting to warm up in the Midwest – finally. Enjoy.

Winter wears thin

Latched upon sunlight

A little more feels alright

Wait for more to come