Down On the Coast

Down on the forgotton coast

People are getting ready

For change

The man is coming to town

Giving new life

To dead industry

To pollute and do the same

Kind of business

Always done


Mother nature

And move on

The Amused Few

The desires of the few

Reflect not of the masses

Rather of a few




How can I be heard

Should I be heard

Are questions we must ask

Each other

Before we attempt to speak

What can we do in this world

How can we both speak

And listen

So to be heard and to hear

Theory Set

One set of theories

Pulls from the others

Stories handed down

Truth wondered

How can a theory set

Be constructed from


How can a set of truths

Be interwoven with lies

Keep your eyes to the sun

And your feet on the ground

So if you need to run

You will always know how

Draw the Lines

Who drew the lines

In the dirt and in the sand

Who drew the lines

And divided up the land

Who wrote the words

That turned us in

We followed so blindly

Waiting with a grin

Nothing comes from nothing

Hans draw the letters to create the words

To create the lines

Let’s examine the lines

For we can see the truth

if we just give it time


Net Neutered

The net got neutered yesterday

Took the ole mate out back

Who needs equality of information

Let’s get the capitalistic wheels in motion

Nothing is free nothing is fair

Hold on to your memories

While the new politicians settle in

In a space and time

When the new future

Looks like a chained past

Growing up now we have to ask

How will new rules of net neutrality

Truly effect

You and Me


The First Step

The values held

Holding onto

What I have learned

From my journey through

The good times

The bad

Is that each individual

Has the ability to grow


And develop

But just because


Does not breed success

One must act

And take the first step