Take me on a great journey

Over the great lakes

Beyond the skyline of Chicago

Over the fields

Down the streets

Whip me over the middle of this land

Down to Indianapolis

Over to South Bend

With the wind I go

On a night

Of gale force depositions

Late in the evening

A Tiny Heart

The size of an almond

With a personality the size

Of the room

Our small dog

Named Wilco

May have a small heart

But fills the room with love

When anyone walks in

Sweet little Wilco


Trolls have nowhere else to go

Lurking for flat moments

Growing thick like mold

Trolls roll up their sleeves

To sow discord

In a world that needs to be healed

Refilled with love

So the trolls can roll away


Trees told stories

Well past the boundaries

Of you and me

The simple tree

That we cut down

Can teach us about


And each other

Trees go on

Well past us

And continue to grow

Even when we are growing old

March 24th

A great day to get out

My birthday is a day

To celebrate a new schools

Of voices rising up

In a dark time

So that in due time

We will have hope again

Such a coincidence

But on March 24th people rise


To believe again

That we can all accomplish something

With the help is our fellow



A Hope for Past Future

Can the future be brighter

If the past is not reckoned

How to know where to go

If we do not understand

What we have done

My role in this nowness

Is key to the future

I have played my own role


But with more passion we approach

The future

Same Old Faces

Same old faces

Spewing same old games

Even when humanity needs

Real help

The Plastic Celebrities come out to play

Hope brings some

Sort of desire

To see the standard course

Of progress

Now there are new faces rising up

Thank goodness for fresh starts

Hope begins there

And flourishes from everyday people

Just like us

I have hope

For those who act

Not those who are actors