Wood Sealed with Moss Wet

Falling on the slippery steps

Wood sealed with moss wet

I could have known from the onset

But my uselessness felt content

In the mist of a rainy day

I first felt my foot slip away

Like a territory that never existed

I had to brake to exercise

As I fell quick to my left side

No soft forgiven

How was it not a broken bone was given

I now wear the bruises like a badge of honor

A kitty sent out to the cold world

With no record or recollection of how to get home

Thank God for not one broken bone

I shook my hands and checked my feet

Somehow I was still complete

Aunt from my mothers side once told me

Only move fast when you have certain footing

Or else you will regret when you lose your directions

Only to sent you flailing in sudden inflection

But I was OK

I dusted my shirt off and walked it out

Having a quick scream and shout

And I was alright

In one piece whole

Ready to go



The lost will


Filled with uncertainty

My own will

Now lacking in motivation

To keep forging forward

Through uncertainties I am facing

I hope to never back down

Face the crowd

Hold on to the ideals of a crown

But at the end of some journeys

There is a state of contemplation

Exempted from no hopes or joys

Embattled with corrupted kill joys

I have to pick myself up

When other clearly would enjoy a takedown

Unwilling to fall in

Give in

Carry on

Sing a song

But for now the road seems distant and long

I can not deny the challenges ahead

With ever ounce I gather I give

To be found alive rather than dead



Holding harrowing movements

Held up to higher standards

Refusing confrontation


To keep the handsome look at ease

As horses drink from the sea

A salty water of no useful notion

Apologizing while blustered in blushing motion

Yet dropping dead at the next race

Handsome hopes with fragile face

To refuse would be no option

What is good may not be so beneficial

What hopes ride are though of as unofficial

While the cycle continues

Handsome hands holding their true hue

Undue pressure pushed back

The water of a pitcher held in good esteem

Will flow back to the ocean in a stream

Blundered Rails

Old rusted rail cars

Blundered rails withered far

As the warning bar drops

Double stacked high under raining skies

Red blinking lights constant as the day

Turns night

Steel bending under certain pressure

On the streets of Nsahville

The southern gem

While the trains send

All goods north south

East west

Banging bells cracking under stress

Untied and tightened 

Small stones surround the rails 

As the next cart drags forward the next

The world just moving ahead

So a piece can be sent to me

On a rainy Wednesday

Peace Preservation

My chivalrous monotony

Bending hope of autonomy

Keeping up with happiness created

A magenta across the color palette

To a simple green on the ground

In thwarted moments I hold dear

To hold the peace

Rather than steer the conversation

Into uncharted grounds

I use glue to stop the moments

Complement and own it

As me and my wife

Travel on tires thin and balding

As superficial as the moments we are holding

I push the pencil through punishment and pain

We hope to grow as we take our new strains

Of life and work new masterpieces

It is helpful to remember

Pulling into the station

Of the concrete jungle

And broken slabs plantation

On the road we embrace meditation

Stop confrontation

For peace preservation



Dime for Time

A relentless issue of the greedy

Pursuits of spending and waste

No roof would provide

The world over icy outside

Crayon spilled violently over white pages

Scribbled lines with indecent haste

Cheerful with eyes glowing

Taking more than they were sowing

Winning a competition that was never fought

Wrought over tiny pennies

Pulled up by the zipper

The hand held hopes of higher gods

No friend of mine

Owns more than one dollar for food

And dime for time

College mornings with hard set oatmeal

Making for an early meal

I make amens with cheap sunglasses

While the greedy take up their wicked flames


Pursuits and Bitter Ends

If I had one more chance

Would I do it any different 

Spent life nursing a splint

In my own mind

One life’s route

Leads to a wondering wind

Unwind and ask

If I could go back

Would I even attempt

To try again

Routes pursuits and bitter ends

Uncertain of this certainly

Pulled the curtain over my eyes

To no longer see

What could have become of me

On a different life plane

Under the sun 

Rather than the rain

How’s this engrained in my brain

A splinter in my fingertips

Touching my own lips

I wonder would I even be the same

This long journey spent

Out in the rain

Narrow Minded Corridors

The story of the troubadour

Venturing down miles of roads

Fighting narrow minded corridors 

Rising from the earths floor

Deplored at first 

Then adored 

Sharing stories

Unearthed tragedies 

More and more

Spent money rolling through pockets

Hoping for a tight lock in

But lyrics and stories can not be stop’in 

If I can make it through this week

The next and onward

Writing for context

Without a known


With eyes that will suffice 

While I spin tires 

Trying to get wise

Back and forth side to side

We are here together

On this wild ride

I Grew

Unbending hope 

Pulled out from under me

Hands tight on the rope

The feelings of letting go

Blown around 

My hope preservers 

That good people walk next to me

Alongside my steps

Friends walking with friends

That is the beauty of the ascent

To find more of myself the what I knew

To realize instead of shrinking

I grew