Nashville Night

The music lights up the street

The notes entertain the ears

Hopefuls walkin time to keep

Our fingers dance and vocal chords harmonize

On a Nashville kind of Friday night


Blundered Rails

Old rusted rail cars

Blundered rails withered far

As the warning bar drops

Double stacked high under raining skies

Red blinking lights constant as the day

Turns night

Steel bending under certain pressure

On the streets of Nsahville

The southern gem

While the trains send

All goods north south

East west

Banging bells cracking under stress

Untied and tightened 

Small stones surround the rails 

As the next cart drags forward the next

The world just moving ahead

So a piece can be sent to me

On a rainy Wednesday

Narrow Minded Corridors

The story of the troubadour

Venturing down miles of roads

Fighting narrow minded corridors 

Rising from the earths floor

Deplored at first 

Then adored 

Sharing stories

Unearthed tragedies 

More and more

Spent money rolling through pockets

Hoping for a tight lock in

But lyrics and stories can not be stop’in 

If I can make it through this week

The next and onward

Writing for context

Without a known


With eyes that will suffice 

While I spin tires 

Trying to get wise

Back and forth side to side

We are here together

On this wild ride

Weak Minds

The greatest challenges 

Undermine the weakest minds

Land mine

Underpinned in time

Joker of the rhyme 

We had our chance to escape

And we did

Into home base we slid

Eyes closed

And off we go 

On a journey that knows

No boundaries

It just flows

We are more water than wood

Slide through the alleys

And completely misunderstood

Unexpected Bends

The unexpected bends

Sends my mind reaching 

To understand false premises


How did it fall apart

Was it a small piece 

Of a master plan

Built a 4 story house 

On weak sand

How could this be 

A fallacy I see

Under me

The sand gives way

Now do I ever really understand

Weaknesses of sand

I tried to compensate

What what too complicated


But we will move on


And on

Perception a Life Lesson

Such a simple situation
Such great life lessons
Pulled up to the train
Running for a 12
When we needed 11
Car pulls up behind a young guy
Grabbed his bags
While we hustled running
He was slightly ahead
But moved worth slight delay
Made swift eye contact as we made our way
Running to the train with only seconds no delay
I realized the slowly fellow
Was left on the platform there
I can’t say why
The conductor moved with no delay
But it must have been the effort we displayed
Giving every ounce to make it in mere seconds
While the other fellow was left
Waiting for hours
Welcome aboard he said
I’ll take your tickets
You made it just in time
He said with a wiry smile
Go on ahead
And find a seat on the nearest isle
When I reflected on that moment I realized mere seconds were between me and the other guy
But the display of effort and quickness
Has a great deal to teach me about perception and life lessons
That in mere seconds hard work has shown it’s form
Viewed by the conductor
While the other gentlemen was left on the platform


Drumming Back Then

Delivering mail was the nine to five

With bills to pay

It was well short of the glamorous life

He had been a musician since he was young

Didn’t care for guitars

Didn’t care about the way he sung

Drumming had grabbed him right away

Counting rhythms out loud

And learning how to play

Dreamed of moving to Nashville

To aid in that Nashville sound

But life moves fast

And his chance never came around

He still plays on the weekend

To make some spare change

It is more just a simple means

To a simple end

But he wonders of what life could have been

Had he jumped off the deep end

Learning to swim as he goes

Where this all would take him

He truly does not care to know

I met him buying some drums

Sells them out of his basement

Best guy in Indiana

Drums that sound like true cannons

I believe his story and feel it quite familiar

A story told by so many players similar

Never wanted to test the waters

Looking back years later

With thoughts of what could have been

Of what life was life

And what opportunities life provided

Back then


This was written after a couple of weeks on the road. This trip included all of the major music hubs in the U.S. (in my humble opinion of course and for our particular genre). We had stops in New York, Chicago, L.A. and Nashville. We finally got to the end of our journey to a log cabin up in the woods on Traverse City, MI and I slept for basically 48 hours. At the end of the sleep I was able to get up and write some words that needed to be written down. They came to me in a early morning haze. So here it is a poem on rest – enjoy!


There is one thing that unifies

This no one can contest

That when we fall asleep

The mind now at rest

The heart


And beats

And beats

To no similar tune

But in similar fashion

The mind at rest

I can attest

This is the best

Way to connect to each other

There are no preconditions

No medication

Or temptation

For one to connect

To others

Through this sensation

Of mind cessation

Temporary of course

But this might lead a course of action

To rest away the weary eyes

To come to negotiation anew

Many a times it has worked for me

And surely will do the same for you

Lights out in gentle style

Let the mind take the lonely mile

And hearts beat sustain throughout the night

And in the morning

Everything will be alright