Drumming Back Then

Delivering mail was the nine to five

With bills to pay

It was well short of the glamorous life

He had been a musician since he was young

Didn’t care for guitars

Didn’t care about the way he sung

Drumming had grabbed him right away

Counting rhythms out loud

And learning how to play

Dreamed of moving to Nashville

To aid in that Nashville sound

But life moves fast

And his chance never came around

He still plays on the weekend

To make some spare change

It is more just a simple means

To a simple end

But he wonders of what life could have been

Had he jumped off the deep end

Learning to swim as he goes

Where this all would take him

He truly does not care to know

I met him buying some drums

Sells them out of his basement

Best guy in Indiana

Drums that sound like true cannons

I believe his story and feel it quite familiar

A story told by so many players similar

Never wanted to test the waters

Looking back years later

With thoughts of what could have been

Of what life was life

And what opportunities life provided

Back then


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