Back to Words

Back to Words

Renewed and new

Old and worn

Planted and grew

I refresh in a new 

Set of words

Tied in meaning

And time

I return to Words

In search of rhyme

Chaos Control 

Let the trolls


Let the birds

Fly upon them

I am sick of lies

Sick of tails

Tired of being the end 

Of the joke

Let the chaos control

Roll out

On the world

Planet B

How could this be

The truth and I agree

There is no planet B

No do over

Mulligan or retry

We have to make what we have


Agree to disagree

But mother nature will always be

And should be

Our top priority

Current sacrifice

Rather than living from a vice

Over consumption

Is our most destructive


That is not alright and good

We must live the way we should

Treat this world with respect


That is truly

The way it should be

Gut the Ethics!

Gut the ethics!

Renew the clashes

I want to hide $50 bills

Underneath white mustaches

Purge the homeless

But protect their babies

We will burn our way through

Leave the individuals feeling hotter

But no medicare in their 80’s

Pursue big oil with dirty hands

Make new faces in the Klan

Instill fear and vanquish hope

Drop it in the ocean with ball and rope

Here comes the new government

Ready to take the country

So start hiding your hope

And your money

Gut the ethics

Cut the semantics

Just political buffoonery

Ideal tactics

The individual can only hope

That no one can dash our hope

With a 10 cent rope

But either way here we go



4 Minutes

In 4 minutes I will attempt

To write words

Strung together with

Some meaning

My eyes are stuck to the screen


Written in an attempt to say

What I have postponed along the way

Returning to ritual

Feels good

Yet not unusual

Muddle by Technology

Muddle and confusion

Marry the mellow quiet

With ruptured sounds of a digital empress

Defiant of the status quo

Holding on to the last of what was

What we used to know

The cell phone rings

Elbows locked in admiration

Swing around the border

Of the new order

Tech first feeling second

Defiant I remane

But I wonder what the world would be

With no technology

Would we be more advanced

If we were connected by glance

Instead of digital connection

A tacit code of life

Implied by technical lines

We are breakable and weak

In the eye of technology

Ruptured Lines

The flawless defeat

Of the demonic judge

Ruptured the lines holding

A grudge

Numerous screams absorbed in defeat

Holding a rock now

Standing at his feat

To the sky his hands are held

Over the judges corpse bellows

Double the warmth running

Through his veins

Now transformed to flawless

Caves running from his heart

The heart of a man who has overcome



For he now

Is the only one left

On his feet


Examine Every Nerve

I examine every nerve I have

Looking for the damage caused

A defective course of action

Creating inaction

The bustling buzz of cars

Underneath my feet

Standing on bridges above the city


My back arches as I inhale the wind

I am the chief of my soul

In complete control

My feet brace for a jump

As my legs can barely release up

The colorful whirl of lights

And distant boats

East river floats

I launch out into the night

Embark Blindly


The final hours down

I can’t say I regret much

Although loosing

Loved ones was rough

A full decade to reflect

Looking back at life’s intersect

Even as I fine tooth comb inspect

I am happy

Moving forward and not leaning back

Bursting at the seems

With high impact

I embark upon 30


It takes a moment to set in

Realize the final ringing of the bell

Not an ending

But a closing

Reaching back at this point

Has no meaning

Worthless in my attempts

My vain grabs at last seconds commence

As ten years of live conclude

I had counted down the months

Since I knew

27 turned 28

No big deal

28 turned 29

No 30 was in sight

And tonight

Tonight it sits quite real

Real indeed

It came so quick on my

With high velocity speed

So I reject with no anger or remorse

I will let time do it’s just course

Submit to the seconds that will bring about change

In my mind, body, and soul

I will celebrate my own growing old

But as these last moments unfold

I hope that I can do better in the next ten

No regrets

But not letting up

Seeing the next decade to the end

Age brings about wisdom

Which in turn sets me free

As I embark blindly

Upon the journey

Of turning 30