Surf Rock

Lay low

Play soft

Surf rock

Makes me feel just right

On a Monday night

Leave me to rest

I’ll be just fine


Be Gone Bygone

Be gone

Bygone era

Let go

Of the past 

Open a new future

I want not vintage and old

I want to grow up 



Let go

The Lake Lays

The lake lays


While we sleep

Lapping waves

On the shores

Of the Indiana shores

With dunes and beaches

Summer will evaporate 

While the lake lies

Awaits a new summer

In a deep winter freeze 

The Good Ones

The good ones go

Before it’s time

While the bodies grows

Yet the spirit in never old

Where the good ones go

It seems a bit early

In retrospect

Never when you would expect

How Tom Petty

Shaped my own youth 

Hopes going on

Though the window

When these souls

Pass through our world

We can only reflect

Hold on to the memories true

For we all lost a good one

We wish the legends the best

As they make their way through

Comes The Breaks

Silence in reflection



Through reflection


When progress is made

I might have to step


Hope my hands can

Continue to write

When inspiration

Leaves my side

The morning will be alright

When the sun sleeps

At night

Continue on


We must

We have to