East of the Calumet

Taking the back road

Coming through

The only way I’ve ever known

Not the glamor

Or the glory

Rather a quiet ride

With a depth of story

Where the rivers run slower

The woods swollen with bugs

Mid summer journey

Through fields and schrubs

The world I know

The world I grew up

Knowing my roots

And giving them love

The stories I’ve heard

People I’ve met

Down on the south side 

Due east of the Calumet 


Yesterday’s Wars

We can’t talk about yesterday

When the vitals 

Are happening right now

In the moment

When the words fall short

No returning to precious fair

Previous affairs

I hold concern for the current

Not the past

But words craft

A simple talking point

When the conversations been lost

How we spend time

Dwelling on

Yesterday’s wars

When tomorrow’s are

Sitting on our front door