High Bar Days

Those high bar days

When the grey won’t quite

Fade away

The rain falls

Into the next day

The finish line moves

Back a few miles

When you feel you can’t accomplish

Anything for a while

But the rain will clear

The grey will


I just have to get up everyday

And off my ass


Chicago Summer

Heated streets

Dense air clasped

Onto the nape of the neck

Settling down

As the sunlight reigns down

An easy breeze

Of of Lake Michigan’s


Sunglasses in tote

While the darkness

Of winters now quite


Long Breaks

Long breaks

Is what it takes

To reconnect

With the words

That can be off

Or correct

Up in the woods

Or down flat on the deck

Taking these breaks

Is what makes

Me keep coming back

Baltic Summer

A studio in the shore ditch of


A fresh sea

On the coast of Chicago

As the summer rolls up

Its sleeves

Bringing more heat tomorrow

On a ledge

Cut from fresh grasses

And hedges

The summer rolls on

And wrinkles my shirts


Seize the Win

Seize the win

In easy time

Set up the win

In modern times

Holding hopes higher

Than the clouds that fly

Above our heads

Over the land

And through the mountains

Winning and losing

It’s just life

We are using

Eye on a Coat

Eye on a coat

Like the rye

In a loaf

From across the room

A classic look

Fish bound


These coats

Don’t come here often

Not in these parts

Never quite common

Precedent in Presence

What comes next

What pillar to fall

While the justices


Peace for all

What can be attacked

And won

When mere human will

Is running thin

We set our own fate

Etched in stone

Now as the gavel falls

One by one

It’s each man and woman

For their own

Time Back in NYC

Time back in the old neighborhood

Where it feels right

So good

Parking late night journeys

Leading to a morning early

Seeing the skyline

With a dusty cloud sitting

Just above the tall buildings proud

Good to be back in the city