Double Check

Double check the story

The source

The files

Check the validity of the words


And left out

Cross check the point

And the figures

Reference the names

And issues


The Amused Few

The desires of the few

Reflect not of the masses

Rather of a few




How can I be heard

Should I be heard

Are questions we must ask

Each other

Before we attempt to speak

What can we do in this world

How can we both speak

And listen

So to be heard and to hear

Draw the Lines

Who drew the lines

In the dirt and in the sand

Who drew the lines

And divided up the land

Who wrote the words

That turned us in

We followed so blindly

Waiting with a grin

Nothing comes from nothing

Hans draw the letters to create the words

To create the lines

Let’s examine the lines

For we can see the truth

if we just give it time

The Lonely Ones

The lonely ones

Start early

And end late

They find a path


From paper machete

From the grounds of

Sacred hollow

The lonely ones

Have a tough

Pill to swallow

The lonely ones

Changing our world

In silence

Straight Ahead He Said

Straight ahead

With no deviation

One handed guide

Swiftly through the nation

Embalmed with lies

Far and wide

You could see the twinkle

Lost in his eyes

Straight ahead he said

With no remotes

Stay consistent

Stay in course