Lonely Protect

Lonely protect

Flying out

Like a bird or insect

Protect from harm

And delusion

Even when it’s the possible


We must protect the work around

Even when there is no sound

On our own

Our own responsibility


Advice Index

Advice Index

Running down

The lists

Of avenues

Of context

Taken away or added

Looking for hope

Never felt so


The Dramatic Approval

Approval points

Heard from the televisions

Buzzing in the background


A lot of attention

Held up by politicians hopes

Of ascension

Not just one dimension

So a frantic dramatic approval

Is given

When all we need

Is for others to ask

To be forgiven


If we can’t work together

Then there is no path forward

Nothing for us to look

Forward to

Seeing each other through

In a day

When all the words seem

To melt away

Into the deep grey unknown

Looking for the world

Seeking a home

With each other

One as one

Each our sister

Each our brother

Ceasefire https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=1BsIjP_pnWM