Gentle Fires

Gentle fires

Dim lit lights

Fellow friends

On summers nights

Here we lay

As lovers do

Saying words

Lovers croon

Hold me close

Love me still

Gentle fires

Is my hearts desire


Enormous Pleasure

Enormous pleasure

The great escape

Why hope

When you can’t wait

Listen and glean

What you can take away

Enormous pleasures created

Are on their way

An Ossified Chief

An ossified Chief

A toy with a price

Like long-term parking

With no return flight


To be called

A chief just like a real toy

Played with

A familiar sight to see


A Jaded Price

How to get ahead

When the cards

Read a different fortune

How to run fast

When my feet are full

Of lead

The options limited

But the hopes high

And growing

Where this race

Will need

I still wish I was knowing

To Those Who Control The Resources

Please have a parent cosign

That is a sign

Of banks searching for

More than the loan

Access to the upper hand

Keeping young ones at bay

The resources

Must flow

A certain way

Holding power

Over hands held high

The controller of resources

Will make you bend over

When you apply

The banks in cohorts

With power and greed

No chart no speed

No helping hands found

Anywhere across the land

Terrific Moor

The natural land

In its righteous protection

We are the protectors

From destroyers


A terrific moor

Behind the old gas station

People shoot their guns

While people await the gas

A terrific more

With a terrific past