And unheard

My words

Fall short

When they could

Be bold

In paperback

Or in print

But to me

It’s not important

What is

Is the process of creation

To practice


With patience

So I am set on that front

Nothing more that I want

A Post

What is a post

Good for

What does it accomplish


Sending the mind

The misinformation

What accomplishments have been made

A pat on the old back

But this mindset

Is worrisome

Full of slack

For actions

Move the world forward

In tough times

To lead by example

We all must try


Holding hope

Holding patience

In a time

When waiting feels wasted

Yet to listen

When people scream

So angry

That I’m not sure

What it all means

But change happens

Not in a day

But in a lifetime

So I am holding


That we can do better

One day at a time