Back to Words

Back to Words

Renewed and new

Old and worn

Planted and grew

I refresh in a new 

Set of words

Tied in meaning

And time

I return to Words

In search of rhyme

Chaos ControlĀ 

Let the trolls


Let the birds

Fly upon them

I am sick of lies

Sick of tails

Tired of being the end 

Of the joke

Let the chaos control

Roll out

On the world

Let the Truth Fly

Bring the full court press

Winds blowing through the midwest

Seems we are all now put to the test

False claims


Flying past the birds in the sky

Set flight through pure emotions

Let the truth be the only light

Set us free

From the lurking ambiguity

That shackles us to judgement and ignorance

The truth will come out

Come clean

It’s a voice

Heard but not seen

We will soon be free

Entry Ban

A flaky transport

This is our real life

Not some novelty sport

Skip the hate

We all are short of time

Short in time

Shot of time

Fuel the infected pin

Before it’s pulled out

This untamed hatred

Fuels a special hate

With an entry ban

On the people who’s historical plans

Have made this great land

Religious Contradictions

Right and wrong

Worshipped and rejected

Hallowed and undetected

Pretending to play along

Contradictions in action

In practice


What is religion

What has it become

Just a paperweight on a stone counter

A wishful hope of love

Amongst a silent chatter of hate

How can hate be the dominant theme

It’s desgusting

This whole religious identity thing

How Long Can it Go Wrong

Is there a limit to wrong

At some point is it all gone

The ability to screw things up

Over and over again and again

Writer repeat send

How many letters do we need to not have

To read anymore

How long can it all go wrong

A day

A year


Affirm me

Please that is not a possibility


But possibly

I guess it could go on eternally

I will wait

And see


Hourglass; Tell Me

Hourglass tell me what time will bring

What joys my heart will sing

What pain will be laid on my heart

How I will be broken

And how I will put it all back apart

Will I be rich

Will I be poor

Will I have to ask for help a little more

Hourglass read me my hours

As I fall asleep

Tell me what will be lost

And what I can keep

What is whole

To me known and unknown

Hourglass fasten my eyes on the future

Hourglass bring me hope a little sooner

Distracted Attractions

Oh what questionable distractions

Attractive as first glance

Quaint and uneasy

Under examined

The sun

The sky

The moon lit nights

Palm trees

Oh the goodness of distraction

The fruitfulness of sanity

Returned from a distant place

Now and again

My distracted zen

Along Golden Streets

The main story

So it goes

Not many have heard

And few people know

But there is a man

Who came to power

Along golden streets

And ivory towers

The people were idle

Hands at the wheel

He was the one who claimed

The ultimate American deal

But before we can clear our eyes

The big promises become big lies

Big lies

From the “broad shoulder guy”

Rather a man who comes from golden gates

The ivory tower

His way of deception

Has no greasy grasp of true power