How Could You

The great descent


Sad and true



How can this agony be true

What happened to the old 



And blue

History in motion

Terrible ideals 

Now in light display

If we make it through

The next generation will say

How could you

How could you

Yesterday’s Wars

We can’t talk about yesterday

When the vitals 

Are happening right now

In the moment

When the words fall short

No returning to precious fair

Previous affairs

I hold concern for the current

Not the past

But words craft

A simple talking point

When the conversations been lost

How we spend time

Dwelling on

Yesterday’s wars

When tomorrow’s are

Sitting on our front door

Back to Words

Back to Words

Renewed and new

Old and worn

Planted and grew

I refresh in a new 

Set of words

Tied in meaning

And time

I return to Words

In search of rhyme

Chaos ControlĀ 

Let the trolls


Let the birds

Fly upon them

I am sick of lies

Sick of tails

Tired of being the end 

Of the joke

Let the chaos control

Roll out

On the world

Let the Truth Fly

Bring the full court press

Winds blowing through the midwest

Seems we are all now put to the test

False claims


Flying past the birds in the sky

Set flight through pure emotions

Let the truth be the only light

Set us free

From the lurking ambiguity

That shackles us to judgement and ignorance

The truth will come out

Come clean

It’s a voice

Heard but not seen

We will soon be free