Goodnight Midnight

Goodnight midnight

What more to be said

That can’t be said tomorrow

Good night

Off we go

Sleep again

Hoping to grow

In thought and patience



Teach me to be

That way


Waking Up

Always the hardest part

Getting up

A head start

The way to learn and grow

Before the early glow

Of the sun

When the day is young

But the hardest part

Is pushing through

Each morning

Seeing each day to

The highest calling

Making a morning great and new

With the early morning dew

Where are My Shoes

Where are my shoes

Old leather wheels

Holding me down

Looking around

Where did I set them down

Blessed truths

Where will I find you

Silly shoes

Did I set them next to

The pipe of the balloon

Old shoes walk back to me

Real soon

Tied to my Side

Tied to

My side

A tell tale


What learning can help me


But what is learned

Must sometimes

Be undone

If we reach the truth

We teach the truth

If we fall short

We fill ears with wars of untruth

Can be me

Can’t be you

So strive for truth