New Post

A new post

On the eve of a new year

Fear of what is to come

What lie ahead

Gathering the words in my head

Head out to the streets of New York

Celebrate the upcoming with

A bottle of bubbles to uncork

Troubles or success

Whatever the new year will bring

We will ring it in

In our new hometown

The only way we know how

To join the others on the streets

Join our voices when we stand

On our feet

Happy New Year

We shout

From the Streets

Atlantic and Pacific

I am no expert 

I speak with no certification 


Or Accreditation 

This great nation 

Built certainly through a process 

Of migration 

We must hold true 

To life, liberty, and freedom

Now we contemplate 

Such great 


As 2016 is brought in

I hope the best in the year to come

For the nation that lies

Between the Atlantic and Pacific

And under the sun

Ripples to Grooves

It’s different this time around

Changes in the way I hear

The holiday sounds

All around

I am reminded of a new normal

Changing customs 

Different yet warming

I have had 28 consistent years

So this was the year of more


Some deliberately

Changes made inadvertently 

But in time I will see 

The effects of small moves

Start as ripples 

But shapes into grooves 

My new life ahead

Changes inevitable 

The lines I could have read

No matter what they said

Thee seasons were different this year

Missing loved ones 

I wish were here

Glaze of Sheets

The glaze of icing on the streets

Ice skating in layered sheets

Less than 2 feet of snow

But back to the new cold

The first storm of the winter

Came in thick 

With ice brittle 


I enjoy he cold but stay warm

When the snow is done

I undue my jacket


Winter is back

The Eager Mantle

Notes unclear

A year newly wed

To the laughs of 

What the joker said

Uneasy decisions 

Laying upon eager mantle

It was never my plan though

It was unclear

A year of reflection

Upon the drum of my ear

Pounds the light sound

Of changing throughout the year

The change would happen 

Regardless of my decisions

Blurred my future visions

So on a day of reflection from 2015

Much is to be seen 

In 2016

The Clocks Whirling Hands

It was strange

Instead of festive

Kind of plain



Clocks whirl there hands

In some grand scheme

Taking time away from us

Is what I mean

It’s seams so fatigued


Christmas night with summer weather

All the better

I believe I am better

Not seeing the ones I love

It was a Christmas uneven

Lost rather than loved

It was a full moon on the 25th

The whole season was off

Distressed and put off

But as the moon set rest

So another sunrise could set

My life reset

And on I go

Into the January cold