Sheer Running

Yet another year

Sheer running it seems

Wandering and walking

Christmas Eve comes quickly 

A new year seemingly 

Upon me

A year spent

All over the world

Whirling around

Behind the wheel of a car

Far in he free air

Upon a Christmas Eve near

Here is the next year

Ode to Complication

Ode to complication

How you have grown

From such a little boy

To full blown man

You used to have no role 

In my life

Absent at times

Now more full time

Coming on stage 

During the Holidays

Bending truths

Subjecting relationships

To misunderstandings

How I would not fear you

Growing up

But as I age

I see the ripples 

Growing on a sleepy lake

Unfortunately it seems 

You have arrived

Not ethereal 

But on my life’s front door

Now that your here

I will now have to learn to adapt


Accommodate this new arrival

I wish you not the best

But that we can both exist

Low Key and Alone

It happens in Brooklyn

Crazy weekends

Working through odd ends

Songs and book ends

Stories of Wall Street and


A satisfying feeling

Just staying home

Low key and alone

Maybe watch a movie

From my phone

We set out on a wild journey

Never know what was around

The corner

We are getting warmer

Sleeping in our car

Only warranted

A rite of passage in this city

Sleeping on the streets

Can be shitty

Be now I relate more

The struggle

Of the next man just trying to get by

In a city that can

Just fly by



All in All

We slept in the car

How have we come so far

Life in New Your City is highly


From the depths of your soul

Life resurrected

It was cold

The car was comfy

We adjusted

Throughout the night

My wife and I

Sleeping on the streets of Brooklyn

Just another car on the side

No one would ever know

Everyone has a place to go

But us tonight

So we slept in the car

All in all

We are alright

On  cold Brooklyn Night

Over Scented Detergent

Oh sweet over scented detergent

Urgent runs to the laundromat

Cleansing liquid of shirts and hats

The ode to the time saver

I know nothing

Of the bubble reducing liquid

On Driggs Avenue I will take you

Replenish my garmets

From jeans to armpits

Undoing yesterdays Thai food

Making my clothes fresh and new

Upon the shoulders of a clean towel

I rekindle my life

Re centered and clean

How expensive in Brooklyn

The costs of a simple wash

Can cost

But without sweet detergent

I may be lost




Warmth of Winter Light

White can lights

The warmth of winter light

Three leg tables 

Setting host as guests arrive

Exposed brick and concrete

Mixed in a over casting white

Blue velvet sofas stand guard

Like watchmen at evening call

Music so soothed fine

Conversations life up

Mix up 

With more voices

Music collide

An evening with my love at my side

Wooden beems hold up the fragile sky

On a Monday night  


Try to Unfetter then again, Beset

Forgive and forget

Somehow it is more feasible

To forget to forgive

Unrelenting nagging betterment

Maybe I can forget and forgive

That would be the best set

Unsettling but better yet

Try to unfetter then again, beset

Unrelenting in the development

Of forgiveness


Yet remain unbent

I ponder my own capability to forgive

Inability even at times

For my own betterment

I guess I wake up consistent

Inefficient the ways of holding on

Suffer on

Try to turn turmoil and emotion rawness

Harness the nowness

Look into the eyes of bewilderment

And be less aggressive and more understanding

Planning to forgive

Compliment and try

To forget


Joy Ride

We kid ourselves that we have control


And dominance

We try to fake her

The all powerful

Mother Nature

Control her 

But at the end of the day

We have no say

Strange how we arrange our lives

Containing no awareness

We should listen to her

70 degrees in December

It’s more than just weather

Whether or not we act


Or react

It may be too late

As we watch the sun fade

On a 70 degree December day

The heat is not right 

Mother Nature very well may not be on our side

But we will tell ourselves we are alright

Money power greed back in plane sight

And care melts away

As ignorance can enjoy one last

Joy ride

A Small Splinter

An attitude of wait and see

Content contemplating

What will transpire eventually

Will happen most gradually

All over the city

Dawned a breathe of Spring

In mid December

That is not the winter

I remember



Get out your summer garments

Rather than act on ambitions

What if we do to much to late

Way after the point where

We matter

After all norms have been


Would we care then

Would we decide to move

Move to actions

Actions of productive manner

Rather than cheap reactions

Or will we grab our t shirt

Enjoy a summer in winter

Remove and dispose of care

As if a small splinter