Joy Ride

We kid ourselves that we have control


And dominance

We try to fake her

The all powerful

Mother Nature

Control her 

But at the end of the day

We have no say

Strange how we arrange our lives

Containing no awareness

We should listen to her

70 degrees in December

It’s more than just weather

Whether or not we act


Or react

It may be too late

As we watch the sun fade

On a 70 degree December day

The heat is not right 

Mother Nature very well may not be on our side

But we will tell ourselves we are alright

Money power greed back in plane sight

And care melts away

As ignorance can enjoy one last

Joy ride

Napkin Summer Heat

Napkin summer heat

With complete love

Competing interests

All this happened since

We made it back home

Away from the city lights

Living light

On July nights

Lakes and flies

Wrapped up into the life

Of warmth on the fourth of July

Unseasonable cold

Held us close in blankets close

For the napkin summer heat would expose

The thoughts of growth and getting old

Let us enjoy the days here

Spent on a simple life

Return the city renewed



Hand Smoked Heat

Back to Chicago

Toll road to the city strolls

Winds blowing street tires

Filled with air pushing forward

The trips become a frequent chore

We open doors to adjust leather seats

Broken in and ripped

Hand smoked heat from summer shores

Semis headed off to 94

As we head for Lakeshore

Same city

Same sound

Familiar from the skyline to the broken ground


My first city

Lake Michigan shores

We head back once more