Granite Stones


Underlining counters

With reflective site

Elbow cold

Down by my side

Granite stones

In suburban homes

This life we live

The truths we own

Lays on top

Of these granite stones 

Joy Ride

We kid ourselves that we have control


And dominance

We try to fake her

The all powerful

Mother Nature

Control her 

But at the end of the day

We have no say

Strange how we arrange our lives

Containing no awareness

We should listen to her

70 degrees in December

It’s more than just weather

Whether or not we act


Or react

It may be too late

As we watch the sun fade

On a 70 degree December day

The heat is not right 

Mother Nature very well may not be on our side

But we will tell ourselves we are alright

Money power greed back in plane sight

And care melts away

As ignorance can enjoy one last

Joy ride


On Sunday

Time for reflection

Stray away in all directions

Hold true

True to let go

On Sunday I owe this ode to you

Sweet coffee

How it has joined great minds

Connecting people in common time

Real time

The fruit of the coffee tree

In Brooklyn connecting lives

Is what it can be

But thank you coffee for today

Somehow you link people up

In a mysterious way

But it is all the same

On a Sunday



De-Complicate Me Please

Complicated questions

On complicated days

Complicated thoughts

On complicated days

De-complicate me please

Set my uneasy thoughts at ease

Soon I will smell an autumn

New York City breeze

McCarren Park through the trees

De-complicate my fall

In the city

So I can enjoy the beauty

Of the pretty city

Robotic Eclectic

Plug me in

Thoughts outside the program

Are the ultimate sin

Emotions are fouls

As older feels

Under the jowls

We are now bread to be emotionless

Plug in technology


How is it

That the one trait

That secures our own humanistic state

Is now to be sought out

Shot down

Not welcomed


The highest sense of awareness

Is trumped by sedentariness

Now generations are called to the lowest

Common denominator

I hold my emotions with pride

It is what makes humanity real on the inside

Robotic eclectic humanistic

Is not for me


So I will stay unplugged

In the most literal sense

Connected human sense

Until I am not allowed