Robotic Eclectic

Plug me in

Thoughts outside the program

Are the ultimate sin

Emotions are fouls

As older feels

Under the jowls

We are now bread to be emotionless

Plug in technology


How is it

That the one trait

That secures our own humanistic state

Is now to be sought out

Shot down

Not welcomed


The highest sense of awareness

Is trumped by sedentariness

Now generations are called to the lowest

Common denominator

I hold my emotions with pride

It is what makes humanity real on the inside

Robotic eclectic humanistic

Is not for me


So I will stay unplugged

In the most literal sense

Connected human sense

Until I am not allowed



To each their own

Front page celebrity

To the wholly unknown

For me and my wife

Unbeknownst to us a home

Rather sips and gravitation on the road

Everybody has a home

I am told

Those with simple desires

Even those whose desires are

More bold

In New York City

Rather a pass through

Than a stable

I wish I could say it’s home


I am unable

So my heart wonders

From Oregon to the

Waters of Florida

I wonder if there is a place

Where our daily life is full lived

Rather than having it go through

The city sieve

No complaints

Restrain from bad words to give

It’s just my worried heart

Weighing out the negatives