The Lake Lays

The lake lays


While we sleep

Lapping waves

On the shores

Of the Indiana shores

With dunes and beaches

Summer will evaporate 

While the lake lies

Awaits a new summer

In a deep winter freeze 

The Wandering Heart

The wandering heart

Is a stranger in a coat

A scarecrow vintage and old

Left me many years ago


The wandering heart knows no home

Roaming the land looking for those it knows

But rather unknown

This heart I have


The wandering heart is a shed in the forest

Unattended and porous

Moss strewn floors

To young hearts it has been abetted and undone


My wandering heart grows cold

Looking for light in a dark circle of a world

Revolving on hearts pumping

Focused on a world of skepticism and critique


My heart is growing cold





Return to the Pages

Return to the pages

Settled in and getting away

Too long

Can get contagious

I don’t write

Due to lack of inspiration

Rather I am not writing

Because it has become

A lack of motivation

Unfamiliar sensation

But it is a coal covered jewel

Untouched as the days continue

First the idea sprouts

From mind to fingers

Scatters across the keys and onto the page

I resurrect the beast  laying dormant

Back to writing and enjoyment

With rest comes ideas

Ideas with time

And now it is time to return

To the pages

To the writing burn



Frantically Grand

Well that was unexpected

Holidays full of cheer

Unfortunately not for me

This year

I spent the day alone

On a vast lake

Kicking stones

Cheap words were yelled

From my own mother dispelled

So there I was one hour later

All alone

Hours of walking 

Trying to understand

What was just laid

To rest in my hands

Frantically grand

I work my foot into the sand

As I stand

Mist on my face

This is my new way of living

On Thanksgiving

Fundamentally: You and Me

The sense of unity

A deep spring within you and me

Is fundamentally

An idea which

We should all agree


However when a evil tragedy

Strikes the innocents

Lacking any true humanity

What are we left with

Other than a hollowed out hope

A useless and frayed rope

I have a belief

That there is more to unite

Than to tear apart

We as humans all share a common heart

Not emotionally

Purely physically

We are born with brains and toes

We all face our challenges of growing old

Not all is lost in humanity

I just saw someone yesterday

Help a lost fellow on the street

Maybe a hope of full unity may fall away

The hands of each other

We somehow share a sense of commonplace

Deep within the human race

On a Monday it seems burned out

Washed up and worn out

The hope runs like a well deep underground

Running full but without a sound

I share this hope

That is the simple humanity of each other

That we are truly bound

Non Brokered Life Decisions

Non brokered life decisions

Going broke

With entitlements given

We hope upon life grandeur

The vestments of blessings

Hopefully lay ahead

Life uncertain

Is better than certain

Mentally dead

Robotic Eclectic

Plug me in

Thoughts outside the program

Are the ultimate sin

Emotions are fouls

As older feels

Under the jowls

We are now bread to be emotionless

Plug in technology


How is it

That the one trait

That secures our own humanistic state

Is now to be sought out

Shot down

Not welcomed


The highest sense of awareness

Is trumped by sedentariness

Now generations are called to the lowest

Common denominator

I hold my emotions with pride

It is what makes humanity real on the inside

Robotic eclectic humanistic

Is not for me


So I will stay unplugged

In the most literal sense

Connected human sense

Until I am not allowed


The harder we try to stay the same

The tougher the pull to let go

Higher stakes to move on

Infinite uncertainty of moving along

The wrong choice is to hold on

To memories

That are full of childhood

And summer lawns

We leave

And the clock still carries on

We make like water

Flowing through life without knowing

Whether each decision is right or wrong

I call this our life song

We may not know the tune

But we carry along

We have learned to let go

Of people, places, and things

To see what the new morning will bring

Sing in new light

Holding hands and feeling alright 

This is my mantra tonight

A Family Reality 

This may be a little heavy

I will try to keep my hand steady

I just wanted to inquire

Not for me

But for the others around me

Has your mind been 

Assaulted by thoughts of suicide

As my father 

I know we have never fallen too far

From the tree

My brothers and I

We struggle with life’s

Pull and subside

But I wonder if we 

Have all struggled together

The same feeling from the same

Family line

Somehow if we struggle together

It makes it seem